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Вопросы для составления рассказа

1.  What are your name, patronymic and last name?

2.  Have you got a family of your own?

3.  How many people does it consist of?

4.  What can you say about your husband /wife?

5.  Have you got a child? What would you like to say about your son or daughter?

6.  Do the members of your family love sport?

7.  What do you prefer doing if you have free time?

8.  What are your close relatives fond of?


My name is Polina Petrovna Tkachenko. I want to tell you a few words about my family. It isn’t very large. I have a husband, a son and a daughter. So there are four of us in the family.

First, some words about my husband. His name is Konstantin. She is an engineer. He works at ferro-alloy plant. Kostya is a handsome man. He is broad-shouldered with fair hair and grey eyes. He is forty. My husband knows all about computers and likes to navigate the Internet. He is also handy with many things. He can fix almost everything.

We have much in common, but we have different views on books, music, films and sports. For example, I am fond of swimming. Kostya prefers skiing.

My daughter is thirteen. She goes to school. She is skinny with shoulder-length hair, big dark-blue eyes and a charming smile. Sonya is an active person. She is so energetic that we quarrel sometimes. At those moments Sonya finds me bossy. But it’s fun to be with her so we are reconciled quickly. My daughter is crazy about music. She is fond of basketball and likes to spend her evenings with friends. Sometimes it worries me but I know that her friends are good people.

My son is a kid. He adores drawing and listening to fairy-tales.

As for me, I have no time to spare. But if I’ve got some free minute I’d rather go to the swimming pool or read an interesting book.

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