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Вариант V

I Grammar in Use

1. Find the group “subject - predicate” in each sentence:

1. We enjoy eating mixed vegetable salads and soups.

2. Peter likes seafood very much.

    3. While she was working someone stopped to watch her.

    4. I am tall and quite slim.

    5. I want some information.

    6. It wasn’t very good.

    7. The girls are playing in the garden.

    8. English salad is a mixture of uncooked vegetables.

2. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word given in brackets in each sentence:

   9. When I lived in the city I never ……….. my neighbours. (know) 

   10. The Smiths ……. at a camp site last summer. (stay)

   11. The tea-making machine in my room isn’t ……… (work)

   12. We came here two days ago and we  … in a beautiful hotel. (stay)

   13. This week I ……… my grandparents. (visit)

   14. City dwellers usually ………. a quiet holiday by the sea or in the mountains. (like)

   15. Some tourists take a video camera with them as it ……….. everything in action. (record)

   16. The location of the castles ….. usually in a village or in the country. (be)

3. Fill in the correct preposition:

    In front of     near     under     in     behind     on

17. There is a shed ….. the garden.

18. There is a rug ……. the table.

19. There are some cushions …… the sofa.

20. There is an armchair ……. the table.

   21. There is something …… the sofa. Pick it up.

   22. My school is …….. the house.

4. Fill in some or any, much or many:  

    23. My friend likes ice-cream very …….. .

    24. There are ……. school basketball teams in our town.

    25. There is …… information you need in this book.

    26. There are …….. shops near our school.

    27. There are no ……… cushions on the sofa.

    28. Are there ….. supermarkets in the area?

    29. There are …….. boys in the street.

    30. There were no ……. girls in the street.

    31. There were ……… towels in the kitchen.

    32. There are ….. apples on the plate?

II Vocabulary

1. Fill in the words from the list:

A    instant    exotic    tea      boiling     healthy

      religious    serious    sweet   scientific   modern

33. leaves                                      38. point

34. food                                         39. flat

35. coffee                                      40. delicacies

36. research                                   41.  tooth 

37. beliefs                                      42. problems

B    modern     criminal     financial    control    determining

      marriage    mutual    drug and alcohol    society    get

43. situation                                   48. addictions

44. understanding                          49. married

45. family                                      50. registration 

46. unit                                          51. factor

47. support                                    52. everything

2. Fill in the gaps using the following words:

         imagination   publications    origin     interests    below    tremendous    deposits     consultant

      Staples is professor of geology at the University of Oregon. His professional 53 …….. are economic geology and mineralogy, with archaeology and mineral collecting as hobbies. Besides his teaching he has served as a working geologist and 54 ……….. for various mining companies in the United States and abroad. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1935 and has written extensively for scholarly 55 ……… .

      He wrote that most people who live in a climate where the temperature drops 56 …….. freezing have watched with considerable fascination, the growth of icicles. Millions of others have visited the great caverns of the world, such as the Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico or the Postojna Cavern in Yugoslavia, to view the 56 ………. stalactites and stalagmites of the mineral species of calcium carbonate. These strange forms, many of huge dimensions, grow millimeter by millimeter as the dripping waters evaporate and deposit their dissolved material. To some people these 58 ……… of mineral matter are of interest as things of beauty and natural art objects; to others they conjure up romantic tales and suggest king’s thrones, temples, animals, gods, or other fantasies suggested by their interesting shapes. However, to the scientifically minded person, they stir the 59 ………… in a very different way. The visualization of how these masses of crystalline material grow in size, atom by atom, unit cell by unit cell, calls for fully as much imagination as is required to see in them the exotic forms envisaged by many tourists. The difference is that the scientist attempts to understand the 60 ……….. of the minerals, the processes of growth and its resulting forms. This may demand a study of the physical-chemical nature of the material, and the dynamics of the processes involved.

III Writing

1. Complete your fact file

2. Write 16 questions you have to ask if you want to complete the fact file

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