Сроки поставки (Delivery dates). Извещение об отгрузке товара (Notification of shipment), страница 5


Text A.

Продавец продал, а Покупатель купил на условиях ФОБ Питер товары в соответствии со спецификацией, приложенной к настоящему контракту и являющейся неотъемлемой частью.

The Sellers have sold and the Buyers have bought on the basis of delivery FOB St.Petersburg the following goods in accordance with the Specifications attached hereto and considered as an integral part of the present Contract.

Text B.

Продавец продал, а Покупатель купил следующее оборудование, именуемое в дальнейшем товар, на условиях франко-вагон граница  Бельгии, укомплектованное стандартным набором запасных частей, необходимой  технической документацией и соответствующими принадлежностями.

The Sellers have sold and the Buyers have bought the following equipment, hereinafter referred to as the “goods”, on the basis of delivery FOB Belgium complete with standard spare parts, required technical documentation and corresponding accessories.

Contract B.

1. Subject of the Contract

The Sellers have sold and the Buyers have bought on terms F.O.B. stowed1 Port St Petersburg equipment in accordance win Specifications and technical conditions sti­pulated in Appendix 1, technical documen­tation stated in Appendix 2 and spare parts as per Appendix 3 attached to the present Con­tract.

2.05. Payment.

Текст 2.

Payment for the goods sold under the present Contract is to be effected out of the letter of Credit, opened by the Buyers with ….for  Bank the total value of the goods ready for shipment. The Letter of Credit is to be opened within 10 days ( to be valid for…days) from the date of notification about the readiness the goods for shipment. The L\C is to be used by the Sellers in the amount of  90% of the value of the goods against presentation of the following documents:

2 copies of Clean on board Bill of Lading, issued for the goods shipped to Buyers’ address

Invoice – in quadruplicate

Bale per bale specification in  quadruplicate with indication

Copies of Certificate of Quality.

The left 10 % is to be paid within….days. After arrival of the goods at the port of destination against presentation by the Sellers final invoice accepted by the Buyers representative.

All the expanses connected with usage of the letter of credit are for Sellers account.

Текст 3.

Payment in % of the equipment delivered is to be effected by payment for collection in ( currency) within 30 days from the date Buyers receive  the following documents:

Specified Sellers invoice-one original and 2 copies ( with indicated Contract №)

The full set of Clean Bill of lading issued in the name of the Buyer   with destination to Russian port or duplicate of international railway bill, issued in the name of…..

Sellers Letter of Guarantee, proved the quality and completeness of the equipment and his accordance to the terms of Contract duplicate.

Specified packed invoice in triplicate

Agreement of the Buyers’ inspector or their representative for equipment’s loading after it’s testing with Buyers’ inspector presence or without him in accordance with clause 9 of the present Contract.