Сроки поставки (Delivery dates). Извещение об отгрузке товара (Notification of shipment)

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2qwq1.03 Цена и общая сумма контракта

Ex 7


Цены на товар устанавливаются в фунтах стерлингов и понимаются ФОБ Лондон включая стоимость упаковки и маркировки. Общая сумма настоящего контракта составляет … фунтов стерлингов.

The prices for the good are fixed  in GBP and are understood to be FOB London, including the cost of packing and marking. The total amount of the present Contract is …GBP.


The price for condensed Milk sold under the present Contract is…US dollars per one can, nett…g, including the cost of packing and marking and is understood to be FOB, port of the Sellers’ country, including the cost of loading, stowing in the hold and separation materials.


The total amount of the present Contract is …US dollars. The price of the Contract are firm for the duration of the Contract and understood to be FOB, Novorossiysk, including export packing, marking, loading on board the ship, stowing and fastening the equipment in the hold or on board the ship, including the cost of materials used for this purpose, port and dock dues, carnage duties,custom duties connected with the execution of the present contract.

2.01 Срокипоставки/ delivery dates Ex. 6  p. 49


The goods shall be delivered at the time stipulated in Appendix 1 attached to the present Contract.

The date of delivery shall be considered 26 September 200_.

Prior delivery as well as partial and incomplete delivery shall not be allowed without the Buyers’ consent.


1.  The equipment in Clause 1 of the present Contract is to be delivered within the following period of time July-August 200_. The dates of the delivery of the equipment are stated in Enclosure 3.

2.  The equipment is to be delivered  in full conformity with Specification stipulated in Enclosure2, only complete.

3.  Incomplete shipment/delivery of the equipment shall not be allowed.

4.  By the time stipulated in the present Contract, the equipment is to be manufactured, tested, packed and delivered F.O.B. sea port Odessa.

5.  The delivery date is understood to be the date of the clean-on-board Bill of Lading issued in the name of the Buyers.


If the equipment can not be shipped due to absence of tonnage on the expiration of 30 days from the date of readiness of the goods for shipment from port ... , the Sellers have the right to hand over the goods to the Buyer’s Forwarding Agent receipt. The date of delivery in this case is considered to be the date of Forwarding Agent’s receipt.

After handing over the goods to the Buyer’s Forwarding Agent all the expenses connected with storage of the goods up to the moment of loading them on board the ship are to be covered by the Buyers. It does not, however release the Sellers from the liability to load the goods aboard at their own expense to secure and stow them in the hold and/or on deck, in accordance with Clause2 of the present contract.

If  the goods are not ready for shipment by the date of arrival of the vessel, the Seller are to cover the losses the Buyers may sustain in connection with demurrage and/or under loading of the ship(dead freight)

2.03 Извещениеоботгрузкетовара (Notification of shipment) Ex.7  p.64


1.  …days before(prior) shipment of the equipment the Sellers is to send Buyers specification of the equipment shipped specifying its weight, dimensions/sizes and cubic capacity/volume in cubic meters.

Should the Sellers fail to deliver the equipment specified in the list to the port of destination whole or part, all expenses in connection with the dead Freight will be charged to their account.

2.  Not later than……..hours after shipment (dispatch) of the equipment the Sellers are to inform the Buyers and the Trade Representation of Russia in the Sellers country in copy by cable or telex the following data: Contract №, Trans, denomination of the equipment, ships name, B/L or waybill in case other means of transportation are used, the date of shipment, the cost of equipment shipped member of packages and weight. This notification is to be confirmed by letter within ……hours.


1  Not later than 45 days before the beginning each moth of shipment the sellers sends the Buyers in accordance with the delivery dates of the equipment the specification of the equipment shipped stating weight, cubic capacity/ volume in cubic meters of equipment/cargo, the cost of each shipment.

In case of availability of cargo packages whose weight is over 10 tons the dimensions of each such package are specified.

2  The Buyers are to inform the Sellers in advance of the name of the ship on which the equipment is to be loaded and the anticipated date of its arrival at the port of shipment.

Should the Sellers fail to deliver the equipment specified in above stated list wholly or partially by the time stated, all expenses connected with the dead freight are to be paid by the Sellers to the Buyers.

3  Should the equipment in accordance with terms and conditions of the Contract arrive at the port of shipment but the vessel does not arrive by the time fixed, the Sellers undertake to secure safe storage of the equipment within …days of the date of delivery of the equipment to the port of shipment at their own expense. Upon expiration of the period of time stated above the equipment, before it is loaded on board the ship, is to be stored for the Buyers’ account.

In all cases the Sellers are not released from the responsibilities in respect to shipment of the equipment stated by the contract.


The Sellers are to inform the Buyers by cable of readiness of the equipment for shipment not later than 15 days before the date of shipment.

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