Сроки поставки (Delivery dates). Извещение об отгрузке товара (Notification of shipment), страница 2

Within 24 hours after shipment of the goods the sellers are to advise the Buyers by cable the following data: ship’s name, date of shipment, Contract #, name of consignee, gross and net weight, volume of the consignment shipped, cost of goods. The sellers are to specify the number of entry permit in B/L. Within 48 hours after shipment of the goods, the Sellers undertake to send the Buyers by air 2 copies of the invoice, 2 copies the specification and 2 copies of the packing list.

2.04 Упаковкаимаркировка (Packing and marking)

Ex 7, p 74

Text A

1.The equipment is to be shipped in export marine packing suitable for the type of the equipment to be delivered.

2.All opened and treated surfaces of parts are to be thoroughly covered with anti-corrosion liquid.

3.The marking and storage are to secure complete safety of the equipment against any damage or corrosion when the goods are transported by sea or by land involving several transshipments en route as well as the storage under conditions of hot summer and severe winter.

4.Packing of the goods is to be suitable for carnage as well as for handling by hand, by cars and auto-cars as the weight and the volume of some packages allow it.

5.One copy of the packing list is to be inserted  in the equipment case in a waterproof envelope and on copy of same is to be fixed to the other side of the case. The envelope, fixed to the other side of the case should be covered with a thin tin plate nailed to the case and spot-welded directly to the metal parts of the equipment dispatched without packing.

Text B

All cases are to be marked on two opposite sides and on the upper side. The cargo dispatched without being cased is to be marked on two opposite sides.

The marking is to be clearly drawn in indelible paint and contain the following data in both English and Russian:

Company, Russian Federation

Contract #

Case #

Gross weight

Net weight

Dimensions of the case in cm (length, width, height)

Packages, for which special handling is required, should have additional marks.


Handle with care

Do not turn over

3.Case # are to be numbered in fraction in which numerator is the ordinal number of the case and the denominator is the total number of the cases with complete packed equipment.

4. The packages which can not be marked, should bare at least two tin plates indicating the above-stated text of the marking and to be clearly written.

The marking tin plates are to be spot-welded to the metal surfaces of the equipment.

5.The Sellers are to reimburse the Buyers any eventual losses caused by inadequate or unsuitable packing or marking.

Text C

The goods are to dispatched in the containers of B-type and are to be sealed by the manufacturer.

The packaging list holding the description of each container’s content is to be inserted into the polyethylene envelope. Each container is to have the marking in English, drawn upon the Buyers’ request.

3.01 Claims ex.7

A) 1. In case of non-execution or improper fulfilling of obligations by the Sellers under this Contract, the Buyers have the right to make claims on the Sellers which are to be examined by the Sellers in essence (that is satisfied or cancelled) within the time period not exceeding 15 days from the date of receiving by the Sellers the respective claim.

2. The Sellers are obliged to pay a penalty at the rate of …% of the value of the claim for each day of delay in response to the claim or delay in transfer of claimed sum of money under the claim. However, the total amount of the penalty is not to exceed the value of the claim.

3. In case if the Sellers do not provide for loading a necessary amount of grain up to the moment of actual arrival of vessels, they are to reimburse the Buyers for all eventual losses the Buyers may sustain in connection with this.