Технология изготовления питьевого йогурта (статья на английском языке), страница 4

This device with a separator and orientator for feeding tubes has narrow technological application. The purpose of this equipment is to convert a chaotic mass of caps located in cap storage room to the flow of property right  fixed caps and deliver them along the cap line to the device putting the caps on bottle and sealing them to a state that guarantees the impossibility of overturning of the ca from cork the bottle, for transportation of drinking yogurt in PET bottles for sealing.

Caps are put in the bunker 10. They can be submitted by conveyors, fed from the storagecontainer from the top floor by gravity, as well as manually. The level of caps coming into the cap line, consisting of rims 11 and 12, is regulated by a regulator on level 9. In the separator they fall into the gap between mobile disc 4 and fixed disc 6. On a rotating disc 4 there are trapezoidal protrusions, which do not provide fall down of caps. Correctly oriented caps fall into the gap formed and hooked on the protrusion. Going on a rotating disc up, plugs are removed from the ledges and enter the cap line 5.Along this cap line already correctly fixed caps are moved further along the production line.

As a result of the thesis sealing machine [OПБ], for sealing of PET bottles of drinking yoghurt, with capacity of 12000 bottles per hour was designed. Were calculations for technological machine performed kinematic calculation of all transfer closures and ADF bottles for capping carousel, was made as well as the selection of necessary leading devices was performed.

Designed automaton has a better drive than the analogues on the market of food equipment. This effect is achieved by the application of the motor - gearbox cylinders, conical-cylindrical type instead of the worm - type, which has a significantly lower efficiency.

Successfully applied much more lightweight, technologically advanced, easy to maintain and cheap capping head [OПБ], in comparison with analogous machines. This was achieved during the transition from the archaic principle of friction safety clutch on a much more advanced method of permanent magnets. Application of magnetic protective sleeve has a significant decrease in the ring and cartridge dimensions compared with the design, which uses friction and pressure spring.

The level of automation designed equipment can be described as the highest. The unit can operate completely autonomously, without the need for corrective action of the operator. All Automatic machine are connected to the programmable controller. This weighty simplifies commissioning process, the process of controlling the characteristics of the equipment in its work, as well as the process of its service.

 With a multitude of sensor controllers that control all the processes, the machine, will «know» everything about the state of the machine, and if necessary intervenes in the process, changing certain characteristics. Another task is to give all the necessary information about the status of the equipment in real time on the monitor of the operator, which is solved by the application of programmable controller.

Controllers enable to comply with all the requirements for fire safety and security in the event of emergency. Automatic smooth stop of all the moving parts of the machine in case of danger will protect equipment from possible damage.

We made all the technological assessment of the bunker with the separator and orientator feeding caps [OПБ] with capacity of 12000 samples per hour, as well as calculation and the selection of the drive for this equipment.

Designed bunker has a better drive than its similar equipment. This effect is achieved by the application of the engine - gearbox planetary-flail type instead of the worm - type. It allowed to give up the belt drive and make the tank much smaller. The result is a drive that has a significantly lower efficiency.

The service of closing the installation, compiled charts and maps assembly-dismantling, graphics, a list of possible malfunctions, their causes and methods for their elimination were performed.

We have performed calculations of implementing the bunker with separator and orientator feeding caps in the existing production. Considered analog of the designed equipment has much less effective drive, large size and lower productivity. Payback period from the introduction is - 6 months.

Calculation for general ventilation plant packaging was performed. The required air flow rate for the premises is 200 m3/hr.