Технология изготовления питьевого йогурта (статья на английском языке), страница 3

Container for caps with mechanical orientation, located in the bunkers of charging  bootable devices, prepares the cap for gripping.

As for construction features of the mechanism of gripping and orientation of the cap hopper devices are divided into[15-17]:

- The mechanisms of rotational motion of gripping bodies;

- Devices with the rotational movement of transport trays.

Depending on the shape and size of the cap different design of tools is used.

The planned installation to pack yogurt works as follows:

From the plate-carrier from the bottling machine to capping device [ОПБ] a stream of bottles filled with yogurt with caps on top is fed. Since this flow is chaotic, normal operation of the machine requires reformation to the point where the bottle go in revs at fixed distance. To provide this operation there is a screw conveyor with a variable, increasing pace and guide plate. When the bottles come with a preset speed at a fixed distance we can install them on the table of the operating rotor. This is done by the loading device, which moves the bottle after bottle along the guides to the corking carousel. When you rotate the bottle on the table of a cycle carousel process of sealing bottles take place:

1. Capping heads are put on the bottle

2. Sealing of a cap on a bottle

3. A lift closure rounds for the possibility of unloading the bottles take place

4. Motion of capping heads in the top position

After the reliable sealing of the bottle it is necessary to put the bottle back on the plate conveyor for further movement along the production line. To accomplish this task the device is provided with an unloading star, Which removes the bottle from the table and moves it along the conveyor guides.

The design provides automated control of the device to different sizes of bottles. Actuator includes a motor-reducer, located directly on the copier and open spur gears. This makes our machine more versatile and makes manufacturing process easier.

All the kinematic transmission are securely connected to a reliable automation. The whole machine is operated a geared motor, through the open spur gears. To drive a screw conveyor the same system of bevel gears via two intermediate shaft and timing belt is used.

 In capping machines the following mechanisms are subject to unification: Stamps, loading and unloading of bottles, remote system of feeding the bottles, cap lines, sealing devices, drives, locking mechanisms [15-17].

Research of capping machines, made in recent years, were conducted in the area of material selection closures, analysis of technological parameters of capping process, the study of the major working organs [13-18].

It is known that the main condition for reliable sealing is ensuring the tightness of the «bottle – cap». Depending on the type the compression scheme of sealing is different. Thus, when sealing the bottles with cork stoppers the latter are in compressed condition providing the necessary fit. When corking bottles with crown caps the sealing is achieved by compression of gaskets. Fixing of the same gasket in a compressed state is provided by crimping the crown around the rim of the bottle cap. Analysis of the stresses is the greatest difficulty, especially in the case of crown caps with corrugations. These issues, in particular, were investigated by Volkov. He also formulated the basic conditions necessary for the implementation of the hermetic  capping [15-17].

The action of the crimp ring closures, each crimp of the cap can be regarded as elastic - plastic lever. The force required for deformation of the crown cap, depends on the thickness of the material of the cap, dimensions of hole ferrule and neck of the bottle.

The process of corking bottles with crown caps includes jacking the neck of bottle head.

After capping a redistribution of forces acting on the cap, gasket and bottle take place. Pressure on the surface of the contact pads with the neck of the bottle decreases.

To fix the aluminum cap on the top of the bottle with a rubber ring it is necessary that the force of compression gasket is no less than the effort, ensuring the given deformation of rubber ferrule. It depends on the design closure rounds and elastic rings.

Projected bunker with separator and orientator for feeding the caps is given[ОПБ].