Итоговый тест по дисциплине "Иностранный язык (английский язык)" (Тест из 245 вопросов с отметками на правильных ответах), страница 6

S: This year Euro MPs … taken up a campaign by British astronomers to cut light pollution.

: will

: can

: have

: shаll


S: Aircraft noise … decreased significantly since jet aircraft were first introduced.

: has

: have

: did

: can


S: When … noise become a major pollutant?

: has

: did

: do

: is


S: Usually the source of vibration … by transport and industrial enterprises.

: is created

: were created

: has been created

: are created


S: Soon all mobiles … with warning that cigarettes are a major health hazard.

: will be sold

: are sold

: have been sold

: are being sold

V2: Вопросительные предложения


S: Вопрос, который произносится с восходящим тоном

: What health damage cause the explosion of the chemical plant?

: Can our bodies excrete polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)?

: Why do children often play on landfill sites?

: These highly toxic chemicals enter human tissues via the food chain, don’t they?


Q: Правильная последовательность общего вопроса

1: can

2: about 80 percent

3: of our domestic waste

4: be

5: recycled

S: My friend  gathers medicinal plants in summer.

: When does your friend gather medicinal plants?

: Where your friend gather medicinal plants?

: What does your friend gathers?

: When does your friend gather medicinal plants?


S: Other hazards of buried garbage include lead from old pipes and paint, and organic solvents, …?

: doesn’t it

: can’t they

: don’t they

: do they


S: Burning garbage produces carbon dioxide, toxic fumes, soot and other airborne particles …?

: doesn’t it

: can’t it

: doesn’t they

: will it

V2: Слова заменители

S: Предложение, в котором one является словом заменителем

: The doctor determined that one valve did not work.

: Lesgaft was one of the most famous anatomists of his time.

: The right atrium is larger than the left one.

: During operation one can use different instruments.

V1: Грамматика

V2: Неличные формы глагола


S: Форма, являющаяся инфинитивом

: throw

: threw

: thrown

: throwing


S: Предложение с причастием I в функции определения.

: They are using a new method now

: Using different methods they identified new substances.

: He is fond of reading scientific texts.

: My friend living in the students’ hostel often comes to see me.

S: Предложение с причастием II в функции определения.

: The scientist described a new a method of treatment.

: The surgeon performed the operation successfully.

: The experiment performed by the scientist was successful.

: A new method of treatment was described in the report.


S: Предложение c инфинитивом в функции подлежащего.

: To make a correct diagnosis a physician must know the symptoms of a disease.

: The aim of the publication is to present up to date findings.

: Alchemists were trying to turn ordinary metals into gold.

: To maintain normal acid base balance is the main task of the kidneys.


S: Предложение c инфинитивом в функции определения.
: All living organisms require oxygen to maintain life.

: The function of leaves is not to absorb water.

: They washed their hands before beginning to work.

: R. Boyle was the first scientist to separate chemistry from alchemy.


S: Инфинитив выполняет роль определения

: Acid rain is a cause to damage crops and forests, lakes and rivers.

: Scientists found out acid rains to ruin buildings.

: Scientists have tried to reduce the acidity of lakes artificially.

: Some countries risk to face severe drought and famine.

S: Инфинитив выполняет роль обстоятельства цели

: We should reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to stop the global warming.

: A rise in the earth’s average temperature will make large expanses of ice to melt.

: The scientists noticed the sea levels to rise about two millimeters a year.

: The sea level could rise more over a few decades if the polar ice continues to melt.  


S: Инфинитив выполняет роль подлежащего

: To reduce the acidity of water can certain chemicals such as calcium carbonate.