Итоговый тест по дисциплине "Иностранный язык (английский язык)" (Тест из 245 вопросов с отметками на правильных ответах), страница 5

S: Their daughter ... a student next year.

: is

: was

: will be

: be


S: We had two lectures ...

: yesterday

: today

: tomorrow

: in a week

S: It … me three hours to do my home assignments.

: takes

: take

: to take

: taking


S: My friend ... at the ecological faculty.

: study

: to study

: studying

: studies


S: Last month they … entrance examinations successfully.

: passed

: pass

: have passed

: passes

S: Существует одна новая теория.

: It is a new theory.

: This theory is new.

: There is a new theory.

: There is a new theory there.


S: It … possible to carry out numerous experiments during last year.

: was

: is

: were

: are

S: Сейчас они оценивают результаты эксперимента.

: Now they estimate the results of the experiment.

: Now they have estimated the results of the experiment.

: Now they are estimated the results of the experiment.

: They are estimating the results of the experiment.


S:  Are you a student of the ecological faculty?

: Yes, is it.

: Yes, he is.

: Yes, you are.

: Yes, I am.

S: I ... the answer to the question.

: do not know

: not know

: does not know

: is not know

S: … the surgeon perform this operation successfully?

: Do

: Was

: Did

:  Is

S: Предложение в пассивном залоге

: Foreign languages are taught for the first year students at all faculties.

: Scientists have developed many new methods.

: The new method will help doctors to treat patients.

: Scientists are developing a new method of treatment.

S: Has he estimated the number of platelets yet?

: Yes, he does.

: Yes, he has.

: Yes, he is.

: Yes, he was.


S: The process of inhibition in the cortex of the experimental animals must … in detail.

: be described

: to be described

: are described

: is described


S: The specific features of phagocytes will be destroyed if the environment … unfavorable.

: becomes

: to become

: become

: will become


S: No changes … in the patient with this virus disease now.

: are being observed

: observed

: are observing

: has observed

S: … of pain the patient fell asleep.

: relieving

: being relieved

: having relieved

: having been relieved


S: He ... of the pain both in the throat and behind the breastbone for a week.

: has been complaining

: has complaining

: will be complaining

: has being complained


S: The genetic resources promise financial profits if we … money in protecting biodiversity.

: invest

: will invest

: invested

: won’t invest


S: Предложение в страдательном залоге

: The man made chemicals have already caused a large hole in the ozone layer.

: Ozone absorbs very shortwave ultraviolet radiation.

: The chemicals break up ozone molecules.

: Most scientists now accept that chlorofluorocarbons are very bad for the environment.


S: Астма и раздражение глаз и кожи могут быть вызваны озоном.

: Asthma and irritation of eyes and skin can be caused by the ozone.

: Asthma and irritation of eyes and skin are caused by the ozone.

: Asthma and irritation of eyes and skin have been caused by the ozone.

: Asthma and irritation of eyes and skin will be caused by the ozone.


S: The intelligence of children who live in crowded cities … by lead pollution from cars.

: is reduced

: was reduced

: reduces

: will be reduced


S: Organic fruit and vegetables … increasingly more popular.

: are becoming

: become

: is becoming

: becomes


S: Chemicals … millions of organisms.

: destroy

: destroys

: is destroying

: are destroying


S: We … 25 per cent of the known oil reserves in the world already.

: have used

: used

: were used

: use


S: The pollution problem … over the past few years.

: has been worsening

: has worsening

: is worsening

: worsening


S: … oil reduce the level of oxygen dissolved in the water?

: Does

: Are

: It

: Do


S: Who … the burden of our throw away lifestyle in future?

: bear

: will bear

: born

: does bear