Итоговый тест по дисциплине "Иностранный язык (английский язык)" (Тест из 245 вопросов с отметками на правильных ответах), страница 10

: queen

: president



S: There are … stripes on the US flag.

: 13

: 17

: 20

: 31


S: The first American president

: Washington

: Lincoln

: Bush

: Kennedy

V2: Канада


S: French is the official language in …

: Canada

: New Zealand

: India

: Sweden


S: The capital of Canada is …

: Ottawa

: Montreal

: Toronto

: Vancouver

V2: Выдающиеся личности англо говорящих стран

S: What did Robert Koch discovered?

: mosaic tobacco disease

: viruses

: antibiotics

: cholera bacteria

S: What is Alexander Fleming considered to be?

: the founder of virology

: the discovered of tuberculosis bacilli

: the father of antibiotics

: the founder of scientific psychology

V1: Письмо

V2: Оформление делового письма заявления, письма уведомления, письма запроса


S: Вид делового документа, к которому относится данный отрывок:

    We are a large record store in the center of Manchester and would like to know more about the CDs and DVDs you advertised in last month’s edition of Hi Fi. Could you tell us if the products are leading brand names, or made by small independent companies, and if they would be suitable for recording classical music, games and video? We would appreciate it if you send some samples.

: Letter of enquiry/request

: Memo

: Contract

: CV

V2: Оформление резюме

Q: Последовательность заголовков для резюме

1. Employment objective

2. Education

3. Work Experience

4. Special skills

5. References

V2: Оформление делового письма


Q: Последовательность написания делового письма

1: 6 Pine Estate, Bedford Road, Bristol,

    UB28 12BP

2: Telephone 9036 174369

    Fax 903636924

    11October 2008

3: James Sawyer, Sales Manager, Electro

    Ltd, Perry Road Estate,

    Oxbridge UN54 42KF

4: Dear Mr. Sawyer

5: Thank you for your letter. I am afraid that we have a problem with your order…

6: I look for forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Simon Tramp

    Sales Manager

V2: Оформление письма запроса


Q: Последовательность написания адреса на конверте

1: Mr. Frederick Wolf

   Director of Marketing

2: Smith Printing Company

3: 590 Sixth Avenue

4: Milwaukee, WI 53216

V1: Чтение

V2: Ознакомительное чтение с целью определения основной идеи


S: Прочтите текст

    Basking sharks are becoming extinct. There are now urgent calls for the sharks to be given international protection. They feed on plankton and grow as long as a coach. As many as 5000 are killed each year worldwide: they are harpooned for their fins and tails, which are cut off and exported to Eastern Asia for soup. The mutilated sharks, which are harmless to people despite weighing up to two tonnes and growing up to 35feet long, are dumped and sink to the seabed to die. Catching them in British waters is banned and protection was further tightened here, but there is still a quota for 400 tonnes of shark livers in other EU waters.

    Satellites allow the sharks to be tracked all over the world and give a picture of the basking sharks’ activities underwater. To fix satellite equipment, two boards, recently bought by the Basking Shark Society, are being used. Interest in the society is extraordinary. The club has members throughout the world, including the United States and Australia. Basking sharks are worth more alive than dead. Iceland used to kill many whales but reduced its activities and is now one of the world’s biggest whale watching centers. Minds can be changed.

Заголовок, наиболее соответствующий тексту

: Basking sharks in danger

: The life of basking sharks

: The soup from sharks

: Basking sharks are dangerous for people


S: Прочтите текст

    Bacteria are tiny one celled plants, without green coloring matter (chlorophyll), that can be seen only under a compound microscope that magnifies them from 600 to 1200 times. Bacteria come in many different sizes but in three principal shapes: rod or pencil shaped, the bacilli, which produce diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy; spherical or dot shaped, the cocci; and spiral or comma shaped, such as the corkscrew spirochete of syphilis or the cholera vibrio.