Duties of the cargo officer (before arrival at the port of loading, before and during the loading)

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Cargo Officer is directly charged with supervising every stage of the cargo operations. So he must prepare a number of documents which are made out both before and during loading or discharging.

Before arrival at the port of loading he should:

  1. Secure the proper preparation of the cargo holds. They must be swept, washed, dried. This procedure depends on the type of previous cargo and the cargo to be loaded.
  2. Ensure that all cargo handling gear works properly.
  3. Ensure that all necessary protective appliances are prepared.
  4. Ensure that materials to be used such as lashing, dunnage and separating materials are prepared.
  5. Make out the NOR and the CARGO PLAN which must be approved by the Master.

Before and during the loading the C/O should:

  • Examine the condition and packing of the cargo to be loaded.
  • Instruct with details foremen and stevedores as to the proper stowage of goods in the ship’s compartments and spaces.
  • Make measures for preventing any damage due to negligent handling either to the cargo or to the vessel.
  • Arrange careful tally of the goods taken on board.
  • Draw up the MATE’S RECEIPT for each shipment of cargo actually received on board. In the case of short-shipment or damaged condition of goods or defects in their packing C/O should add appropriate remarks or closes to protect the vessel’s interest against the claims for loss or damage.

After completion of loading the C/O must complete all cargo documents which must be signed by the Master.

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