Duties of the cargo officer (before arrival at the port of loading, on arrival at the port of loading, during the loading, establishing quantity of cargo, in loaded voyage, on arrival at the port of discharge)

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 Duties of the cargo officer

1.  Before arrival at the port of loading:

·  does everything to make the ship seaworthy

·  inspects how clean the hull is

·  checks for structural defects

·  convenes pre-arrival meetings for the crew involved into cargo operations 

·  forwarding the Notice of Readiness properly completed to the Agent duly

2. On arrival at the port of loading:

·  secures the ship against theft

·  ensures restrict access

·  escorts visitors

·  oversees the activities of stevedores

·  prepares Cargo and Ballast Plans

·  considers the consequences before changing these planes

·  fills the Statement of Facts.

3. During the loading:

·  takes measures for preventing damage to various kinds of cargo through their contact, proximity in a stow and rotation of ports.

·  inspects the cargo before loading

·  records obvious defects

·  issues Letters of Protest to those responsible

·  instructs stevedores and foremen as to the proper stowage of goods

4. Establishing quantity of cargo:

·  keeps security tight

·  produces accurate tally

·  makes own measurements

·  considers sealing holds

·  preventing damage either to the cargo or to the ship through their negligent handling

·  ensures Mate’s Receipts or B/L show the actual quantity of loaded cargo and there are properly drawn up

·  knows what the owners want to do ship and shore disagree

5. In loaded voyage:

·  inspects the stowage if possible

·  sounds  bilges regularly

·  follows carriage instructions

·  maintains appropriate temperatures and ventilation when necessary

·  makes appropriate remarks about weather, sea conditions, changes to planed course and speed

6. On arrival at the port of discharge:

·  supervises all stages of discharge

·  demands original Bs/L before discharging and contacts the Shipowner if Bs/L are not produced

·  establishing of the quantity of cargo discharged as careful as when loading

·  deals with the same officials as when loading

·  records cargo damage and asks for Club correspondence to call a surveyor

·  notes any circumstances after discharging which could lead claims against a ship

·  fills the statement of facts

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