Emergency Plan. How to act in various situations

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Emergency Plan

When emergency happens, all crew members must know how to act in various situations. To achieve this aim the Muster list was created.

This plan includes the duties of each crew member in case of emergency. The EP is worked out by the Chief Officer and confirmed by the Master. Each crew member should now all types of alarm signals and what he must do in case of emergency.

In addition to the emergency plan practically all vessels have got the personal instructions. They can be found in each cabin. Such instructions include all types of alarm signals, muster stations, number of lifeboat and also duties during launching the survival craft. There are also general emergency instructions. Such instructions are usually located in the wheelhouse, in the engine room and in the other visible places.

  Each crew member has his own personal safety number in according to the EP. So in case of lifeboat alarm all personnel shall meet at the designed lifeboat wearing warm clothing, and shall wear life-jackets before preparing to lifeboat launching. Life-rafts are prepared as per Boat Commander’s orders. The Boat Commander should examine the presence of fresh water, food and other necessary supply in the lifeboat. Any crewmember should report as anybody is missing.

     There are special squads on the ship which usually consist of several men. These squads have there special duties in case of fire. The officer must be in charge of such squad. For example, the Second officer in charge of squad number 1. In case of fire alarm his squads meets at the muster station, collects all necessary equipment and puts on gear which is required for particular emergency. The commander must report about his readiness to the Bridge.

   In accordance with general fire instruction everyone must activate alarm signal on detection of fire, no matter how small the fire seems. He must try to extinguish a starting fire with the extinguishers, blankets and so on. If it is not possible to put out the fire in its first minute he must close all ventilation to prevent air reaching the place of fire. It should be kept in mind that a smouldering fire may produce invisible toxic gases. The doors and hatches in the areas where out coming smoke is seen mustn’t be open unless wearing fire-protection equipment and carrying fire extinguishing equipment. Each crew member should also keep in mind that rapid response is vital in all cases including drills. Only regular drills may give a result. That’s why it is very important to instruct all personnel with more details and take regular drills. Everyone must know the location of all fire-fighting equipment and how to use it.      

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