Dunnage is the material which is used to protect the cargo from possible damage

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Dunnage is the material which is used to protect the cargo from possible damage. The correct dunnage is extremely important.

Dunnage serves the following purpoces:

·  to protect the cargo from water from bilgues, leakage from other cargo, ship's sides or double bottom tanks;

·  to protect the cargo from moisture or sweat which condences on ship's sides, bulkheads and  frames;

·  to avoid chaffage of package;

For ordinary cargo the permanent ceiling is sufficient, but if condition of it is bad: it is not clear, dry and free from stains the additlional matting dunnaging are nessesary.

Dunnage must be clear, dry, sound, free from stains and without odour of previous cargo. Dunnage can be: boards, battens, carboard, cardwood, plywood, mat, tarpaulin etc.

The selection of dunnage depends on the kind of the cargo. The criteria of selection with bagged cargo is the size. The general cargo can be dunnaged by any types of any wooden boadrs and battens if it fulfils the recuirments of clearlineless. The boards and battens should be selected in accordance with size of the packages or bales. Ard it is nessesary for correct stow.

The dunnage can be laid prior to the   commencemet of loading.

General cargo bue to different shapes can break up and misplace any previously laid dunnage and it is better to have a supply of dunnage available in the compartment and use it as recuired.

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