Cargo officer’s duties

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Cargo officer’s duties.

Cargo officer has many duties which are connected with the cargo handling operations. It’s very important to effect these duties diligently because loading, discharging, stowage, fastening and other procedures sometimes are accompanied by risk and difficulties. So reception, stowage and registration of the goods in full compliance with all general requirements and local customs are the main responsibilities of the cargo officer.

Before commencement of loading the goods into ship’s holds Cargo Officer should arrange appropriate preparations connected with the ship’s cargo spaces and equipment which will be used in cargo handling operations. It means cleaning of the holds, selection of dunnage and lashing materials, checking and maintenance of the ship’s cargo handling gear etc.  During cargo handling operations Cargo Officer supervise every stage of operations.

 He also has to draw up a number of cargo documents. Before cargo handling operation he works out a cargo plan in which he indicates destination of the goods and also he calculates the ship’s stability depending on the metocentre height as well as the right stow. For this purpose he should ensure appropriate fastening, lashing and separation materials and instruct the crew foreman and stevedores before cargo handling operations. Cargo officer takes part in the cargo handling operations, cooperates with the foreman, stevedores and port’s officials. He should tally cargo or employ tally man for this purpose. For each consignment he makes out Mate’s receipt comprising general information about the cargo loaded and also he makes remarks concerning defective condition of the cargo or its packing. In accordance with the Mate’s receipt B/L is made out.

To facilitate the discharging operations he sends the Manifest of the cargo, Notice of the Ship’s readiness and stowage plan to the port of discharge.

Before arrival at the port Cargo officer must ensure that:

-  ship’s cargo handling gear is operational and ready for discharging

-  port officials and ship’s agent are informed in time

-  goods are in order and prepared for discharging

On arrival at the port of destination Cargo Officer should secure the cargo against theft:

-  escort visitors

-  establish watch at the gangway.

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