The Pronoun, the numeral, Auxiliary Verbs (Grammar test of 100 questions with answers)

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Choose the correct form.

1. There is no bus service. I can’t get to work without _____.

A problem

C problems

B a problem

D the problem

2. Let’s hope we get _____ nice weather.


C a

B an

D the

3. Everyone enjoyed the party, so it must have been _____ success.


C a

B an

D the

4. The Celts were an ancient people who used _____ iron to make tools.


C a

B an

D the

5. I must get _____ pair of tights here.


C a

B an

D the

6. I usually go home on _____ train.


C a

B an

D the

7. Have you ever played _____ billiards.


C a

B an

D the

8. I love going to _____ theatre.


C a

B an

D the

9. We travelled across America from _____ coast to _____ coast.

A —, —

C a, a

B an, an

D the, the

10. You can’t possibly read in _____ dark.


C a

B an

D the

11. When they went _____ France _____ a holiday, they employed a house-sitter called John Brown.

A to, on

C in, on

B to, for

D in, for

12. Bill and Barbara Hawkins live _____ the village of Port Isaac _____ Cornwall.

A in, at

C at, in

B in, in

D at, at

13. I usually have a sandwich _____ lunch time.

A at

C on

B in

D for

14. There will be lots of excitement _____ the coming weeks.

A at

C on

B in

D for

15. It’s Sophie’s party _____ tomorrow evening.

A at

C in

B on


16. Those people over there are friends of _____.

A us

C ours

B ourselves

D our

17. Your camera is much better than _____.

A my

C me

B mine

D myself

18. I know this place. I’ve been here a _____ times before.

A bit

C little

B few

D several

19. There’s been a _____ of rain but not very much.

A bit

C little

B few

D lot

20. I was asleep. I didn’t hear _____.

A something

C nothing

B anything

D everything

21. Have you seen Paul recently? Yes, I saw _____ yesterday.

A he

C him

B his

D himself

22. The candidates _____ are allowed to vote in the election.

A they

C them

B their

D themselves

23. I always carry my identity card with _____.


C my

B me

D myself

24. If we are honest with _____, we must admit we’ve made a big mistake.

A ours

C us

B our

D ourselves

25. Peter has a very responsible job. There are sixty people working under _____.

A he                                           

C him

B his

D himself

26. People _____ at quizzes can earn a lot of money.

A good

C better

B well

D best

27. Your writing is _____ difficult to read.

A such

C such a

B so

D much

28. The work we do is _____.

A hard

C as hard

B hardly

D hardest

29. I removed the wrapping paper _____.

A careful

C much more careful

B more careful

D carefully

30. I _____ had this _____ feeling.

A suddenly, strangely

C suddenly, strange

B sudden, strange

D sudden, strangely

31. The weather was getting _____ all the time.

A bad

C worse

B bad and bad

D worst

32. Do you know where the _____ call box is?

A nearly

C nearer

B near

D nearest

33. Football is _____ complicated than cricket.

A less

C least

B little

D a little

34. I don’t think driving is _____ stressful as flying.

A less

C so

B more

D as

35. The room looks _____ than it did.

A big

C biggest

B bigger

D as big

36. Louise _____ alone at the moment.

A lived

C has lived

B lives

D is living

37. I _____ physical exercises three times a day.

A am doing

C have done

B do

D am done

38. The village of Greyford _____ largely traffic-free since its by-pass _____ a year ago.

A has been, opened

C has been, has opened

B was, opened

D was, has opened

39. Someone _____ me last week that you _____ up your job.

A has told, gave

C has told, have given

B told, gave

D told, had given

40. When Alison _____ a pony, she _____ a bad fall.

A rode, was having

C was riding, had

B was riding, was having

D rode, had

41. The player _____ his racket as he _____ towards the net.

A was dropping, was running

C dropped, ran

B dropped, was running

D was dropping, ran

42. That dog _____ for half an hour.

A is barking

C is barked

B has been barking

D had barked

43. Mark _____ the instructions, so he _____ up trying to make the machine work.

A didn’t understand, gave

C didn’t understand, was giving

B wasn’t understood, was given

D wasn’t understood, gave

44. I knew there _____ exactly fifty names on the list because I _____ them carefully.

A were, counted

C are, counted

B were, had counted

D are, had counted

45. We were the guests of honour, so they were all waiting for us. As soon as we _____, the show _____.

A arrived, started

C had arrived, started

B arrived, had started

D had arrived, had started

46. Are you ready to go? – No, not yet. I _____breakfast.

A still have

C am still having

B still had

D have still had

47. _____ Angela is going to pass her exams? – I _____ so.

A Do you think, don’t expect

C Do you think, am not expecting

B Are you thinking, don’t expect

D Are you thinking, am not expecting

48. _____ I carry this bag for you? – Oh, thank you.

A Will

C Did

B Shall

D Do

49. These jackets are going out of fashion now. People _____ them much longer.

A won’t be worn

C won’t be wearing

B won’t have been wearing

D won’t have worn

50. I haven’t got much homework. I _____it by eight o’clock.

A do

C will be done

B will have done

D have done

51. For the last ten years, engineers _____ noise levels in Britain’s cities.

A were measuring

C have been measuring

B measured

D have measured

52. We all hope that the results of our study _____.

A have not ignored

C will not ignore

B will not have been ignored

D will not be ignored

53. The carpet _____ where someone _____ wine on it.

A was stained, had spilt

C stained, spilt

B was stained, was spilt

D stained, had spilt

54. The phone _____ soon.

A is going to be repaired

C has been repaired

B is repaired

D was repaired

55. Soap _____ from vegetable oils.

A has made

C makes

B is making

D is made

56. The parcel _____ two kilos.

A has weighed

C weighs

B is weighing

D is weighed

57. A new bus shelter _____ up recently.

A has put

C has been put

B was put

D put

58. Our latest range of computers _____ really well.

A is being sold

C sell

B is selling

D sold

59. The lawyers _____ large fees.

A are paying

C paid

B pay

D are paid

60. The workers _____ to accept lower wages yet.

A weren’t persuaded

C haven’t been persuaded

B persuaded

D haven’t persuaded

61. The information looked interesting, so I printed it _____.

A out

C away

B in

D on

62. I was hot, so I took my jacket _____.

A out

C off

B from

D away

63. I don’t like these posters, so I’m going to take them _____.

A down

C up

B out

D away

64. How are we going to deal _____ the problem?

A up

C on

B with

D to

65. A cricket team consists _____ eleven players.

A out

C on

B up

D of

66. I asked you _____a coffee.

A do you want

C will you want

B if you wanted

D did you want

67. I had a really interesting time and _____ to lots of people.

A told

C asked

B said

D talked

68. Who _____ that we now live in a global village?

A had said

C had been saying

B said

D was said

69. Alison told me _____ the fun.

A don’t spoil

C not to spoil

B didn’t spoil

D not spoiling

70. I was wondering _____ you’ve got a moment, please.

A how

C what

B if

D that

71. Somebody _____ have taken the coat by mistake.

A should

C may

B can

D could

72. I really _____ to hurry to get here in time.

A must

C should

B may

D had

73. Julia_____ be at home. Her car hasn’t been here all day.

A couldn’t

C can’t

B won’t be able

D shouldn’t

74. Tom’s flat looks perfectly clean. He _____ clean it.

A doesn’t have to

C isn’t able to

B mustn’t

D can’t

75. This place isn’t safe. We _____ stop here.

A mustn’t

C aren’t able to

B can’t

D may not

76. If you _____ in the market, you will find some bargains.

A look

C will look

B looked

D would look

77. If I had seen you at the bus stop, I _____ you a lift.

A would have given

C would give

B gave

D had given

78. If everyone _____ to the party, there won’t be room for them

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