Gender of a Noun, the Adjective, Conjunctions (Grammar test of 100 questions with answers)

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Choose the correct form.

1My uncle plays _____ violin in an orchestra.


C a

B an

D the

2. I like cities. I wouldn’t like to live in _____ country.


C a

B an

D the

3. In my left hand I was carrying _____ small bag with things I would need on the journey.


C a

B an

D the

4. There’s _____ oil in the salad, isn’t there?


C a

B an

D the

5. She was telling me about _____ life she led in an earlier existence.


C a

B an

D the

6. He drives in sixteen Grand Prix races _____ year.


C a

B an

D the

7. It was in _____August on _____motorway near _____ Birmingham.

A the, the, the

C —, the, the

B —, the, a

D —, the, —

8. We went on holiday with our friends, _____ Mitchells.


C a

B an

D the

9. I said I’d been driving at 95 miles _____ hour.


C a

B an

D the

10. It’s _____ walk from here to the university.

A hour

C an hour’s

B an hour

D hours’

11. The soldiers marched _____ the Queen.

A out of

C past

B against

D up

12. Sarah put the ladder _____ the shed.

A out of

C past

B against

D up

13. Crowds of football fans _____ blue shirts were coming along the street.

A inside

C in

B into

D at

14. Let’s look _____ the figures _____ the screen.

A at, on

C in, on

B on, at

D on, on

15. The accident happened _____ Thursday afternoon.

A at

C in

B on

D by

16. We had an unexpected guest. _____ Susan.

A It was

C They were

B She was

D I was

17. I’ve heard of Iris Murdoch, but I haven’t read _____ of her books.

A some

C no

B any

D every

18. The candidates _____ are allowed to vote in the election.

A they

C theirs

B them

D themselves

19. We are the same size. We can wear _____ clothes.

A each other’s

C ours

B ourselves

D the other’s

20. Is _____ here? Are we all ready?

A everyone

C no one

B anyone

D someone

21. Do you need the thick paper or _____?

A thin

C the thin one

B a thin one

D thin ones

22. Is this portrait of your sister? It doesn’t look like _____.

A her

C herself

B hers

D she

23. You know what _____. A job begun is a job half done.

A it says

C they say

B ones say

D peoples say

24. I thought I recognized the man standing next to _____.


C my

B me

D myself

25. It doesn’t matter if someone is male or female, _____ should be accepted as a member.

A he

C it

B she

D they

26. It’s _____ essential we don’t tell anyone.

A absolutely

C bit

B very

D absolute

27. The rumour was _____ false.

A very

C completely

B a bit

D complete

28. The longer the delay was, _____ the crowd became.

A the angrier

C angry

B angrier

D the angriest

29. The building is _____ the church.

A so old as

C older

B old as

D as old as

30. MegaWare computers were becoming _____.

A most popular

C as popular

B more and more popular

D much popular

31. The Beatles were _____ band in the world.

A more well-known

C most well-known

B much well-known

D the most well-known

32. The result was a financial scandal which was _____ for Ensure.

A highly embarrassing

C high embarrassing

B high embarrassed

D highly embarrassed

33. You seem to be breathing _____.

A quite heavy

C quite heavily

B quietly heavy

D quietly heavily

34. It’s very _____ of you, Lisa, but I’m OK.

A more thoughtful

C thoughtful

B the most thoughtful

D as thoughtful as

35. What made me angry _____ of all was that the authorities weren’t interested in what I was telling them.

A most

C more

B mostly

D much

36. I always _____ computer things by mail order.

A am buying

C have bought

B buy

D buys

37. The US President _____ for health reasons. He _____ his decision a few minutes ago.

A resigns, announces

C resigned, announced

B resign, announce

D resigned, has announced

38. Sorry, I can’t talk now because _____.

A I’m driving

C I drove

B I drive

D I was driving

39. How long _____ this television? We _____ it at least five years.

A did you have, had

C have you had, had

B do you have, had

D have you had, have had

40. The police _____ a man since early this morning.

A have questioned

C have been questioning

B has questioned

D has been questioning

41. _____ any plans for the weekend? - Yes, I _____ visit my sister.

A Have you made, am going to

C Are you making, am

B Do you make, will

D Have you made, will be

42. You _____ the stadium before the public _____ in.

A are searching, allow

C will search, are allowed

B are searched, will be allowed

D will search, will be allowed

43. I’m enjoying the course. I _____ a lot by the time I’ve completed it.

A will learn

C will be learned

B will be learning

D will have learned

44. This time next week I _____ in the Highlands.

A will walk

C will be walking

B would walk

D am walking

45. _____ Simon this week? – No, he _____ to Greece.

A Have you seen, has been

C Did you see, was

B Have you seen, has gone

D Did you see, went

46. I _____ it carefully lest I _____ a mistake.

A do, should have made

C do, am made

B am done, make

D did, should make

47. You can’t see anyone unless you _____ an appointment.

A haven’t got

C would have

B have got

D wouldn’t have

48. My suggestions _____ at again.

A are being laughed

C are laughed

B have been laughed

D laugh

49. The program _____ on Sunday.

A will broadcast

C is broadcasting

B will be broadcast

D is being broadcast

50. The house _____ magnificent. It _____ by the owners.

A is looking, is renovated

C is looking, was renovated

B looks, had been renovated

D looks, has been renovated

51. A key invention _____ the steam engine. It _____ in the 18th century.

A was, was developed

C has been, has developed

B is, is developed

D was, developed

52. The project was very expensive. It _____ millions of pounds.

A was costing

C will cost

B cost

D has cost

53. The BBC World Service _____. It _____ all over the world.

A knows well, listens to

C has known, has listened to

B was known, was listened to

D is well known, is listened to

54. When she gets to the end, she _____ 1,600 miles.

A will walk

C will be walked

B walks

D will have walked

55. Would you like something to drink? – I _____ a cola, please.

A will have

C have

B am going to have

D had

56. You _____ text messages for half an hour.

A are sending

C have sent

B are sent

D have been sending

57. We’ve got all this housework to do, so let’s _____, shall we?

A have started

C get started

B being started

D have been started

58. This information should _____ in a safe place.

A keep

C be keeping

B be kept

D have kept

59. I _____ my leg when I _____ basketball.

A was injured, was being playing

C injured, was playing

B injured, played

D was injuring, played

60. Sorry, Justin. I _____ an appointment. I must dash. See you.

A just remembered

C have just remembered

B just been remembered

D just remember

61. Mark has borrowed our CDs. – Well, I hope he brings _____.

A them to

C them back

B them after

D them away

62. What happened to the TV set? – A man came and took it _____.

A out

C of

B from

D away

63. You’ve left _____ a word from this sentence.

A from

C with

B out

D away

64. The old traditions are still kept _____ today.

A at

C on

B up

D to

65. I’m afraid the machine has broken _____.

A down

C on

B up

D off

66. Someone told us _____ sit on the stairs.

A don’t

C not to

B not

D to not

67. No one has _____ us why our application has been unsuccessful.

A explained

C mentioned

B informed

D said

68. I couldn’t ring home because I _____ my mobile.

A had forgotten

C was forgetting

B forgot

D had been forgotten

69. They inquired if I _____ any pills.

A was carrying

C carry

B am carrying

D had been carried

70. Martin said his hair was wet because _____.

A he’d been swimming

C he swam

B he’s been swimming

D he swims

71. Emma owns five houses, so she _____ be rich.

A should

C must

B can

D could

72. We don’t give enough money to charity. We _____ to give more in my opinion.

A must

C should

B have

D ought

73. My parents were always very strict. I _____ even go out of my room.

A can’t

C couldn’t

B won’t be able

D may not

74. I would love to _____ to sing, but I just can’t.

A have to

C be able

B must

D can

75. I _____ to the party, but I was just too tired.

A must go

C could be going

B could have gone

D had to go

76. If I had a camera, I _____ a photo.

A can take

C could have taken

B could take

D could be taking

77. If I had trusted my instincts, I _____.

A had refused

C would have refused

B would refuse

D refused

78. If I had enough money, I _____ in a bigger house.

A would live

C lived

B will live

D live

79. If you add six and eight, you _____ fourteen.

A will get

C get

B would get

D are getting

80. If you _____ to the concert, you’d have enjoyed it, I’m sure.

A could have gone

C could be going

B could go

D could have been going

81. It’s important for the figures _____ regularly.

A to update

C to be updated

B update

D updating

82. In fact she has managed _____ customers at a time when others have seen their profits fall.

A avoid losing

C avoid to lose

B to avoid to be losing

D to avoid losing

83. We prefer _____ the journey in two days.

A doing

C be doing

B to do

D to have done

84. I want _____ the test with an excellent grade.

A to be passing

C passing

B have passed

D to pass

85. You’ll be lucky _____ less than an hour.

A to have waited

C to be waited

B to wait

D waiting

86. I left your sister _____ in an armchair in front of the television.

A to have sat

C to be sitting

B sitting

D having been sat

87. _____ up with petrol, we continued our journey.

A Being filled

C To have filled

B Having filled

D To be filling

88. We watched the old building _____ down.

A to have knocked

C being knocked

B to knock

D having been knocked

89. I found the vase _____ to pieces in a corner of the room.

A to be smashing

C smashing

B to smash

D smashed

90. When _____ this software, please be aware of the system requirements

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