The French lub oil company Elf Lub, страница 3


container ships                                     - контейнеровозы

low-speed  engines                               - малооборотные двигатели

cylinder                                                - цилиндр двигателя

V-form                                                  - двигатели V-образной формы

cargo space                                          - грузовое помещение

vibration                                               -  вибрация

flatter                                                    - рихтовальный молот

hydraulic top bracing                           - главная гидравлическая растяжка

piston rings                                           - поршневые кольца

sulphur                                                  - сера

corrosion                                               - коррозия

motor gasoline                                      - автомобильный бензин

High-ash fuels                                       - высокозолистое топливо

Exhaustsystems                                  - выпускная система

turbine systems                                     - турбинная ступень

poor quality fuels                                  - низкокачественное топливо

IMO                                                       - Международная Морская Организация

catalyst techniques                                - производственный катализатор

NOx                                                       - оксиды азота

hydrocarbon emission                           - выделение углеводорода

lub oil                                                    - смазывающее масло

high alkalinity oil                                  - высоко щелочное  масло

high thermal and oxida­tion stability     - высокая терм.  и окисл. способность

medium-speed engines                           - среднеоборотный двигатель

two-stroke engines                                 - двухтактный двигатель

inferior fuels                                          - подача топлива

four-stroke engines                                - четырехтактный двигатель

load-change                                           - изменение нагрузки

injection                                                 - впрыск

camshaft                                                - распредвал

gear wheel                                             - зубчатое колесо

capacity                                                  - мощность

the propulsion plant                                - пропульсивная установка

turbo-charger                                        - турбокомпрессор

high-sulphur fuels                                       - высокосернистое топливо

compression ratio                                      - степень сжатия

outputs                                                         - мощность

knots                                                              - узел

vulnerable                                                           - погрешность

rate                                                              - коэффициент

 trunk piston                                                - тронк поршня

barrel                                                            - мера объёма

exhaust valves                                               - выпускной клапан

CO                                                               - угарный газ

anti-polishing ring                                      - антишливовочное кольцо

pressure ratios                                            - степень повышения давления

crankshaft                                                  - коленвал

bearing                                                        - подшипник

nozzle                                                           - форсунка                                      

shock-absorber                                             - амортизатор


The French lub oil company Elf Lub has a gathering of interna­tional representatives to discuss recent and forthcoming diesel engine developments.

One of the speakers at this Elf Lub Conference was Ole Grone,  MAN B&WA vice-president for marketing and sales. In his presentation Mr Grone discussed the poten­tial growth container ships and considered how low-speed  engines might be developed to meet these demands. To further minimise vibration, the compa­ny has introduced a simplified type of hydraulic top bracing. According to Mr Grone this is a more attractive solution to vibration control. Mr Grone noted that the building of large diesels is not as vulnerable a business as suggested by MAN B&W competitors in the prevailing market conditions.

Of the other low-speed designers, Mitsubishi (MHI) also gave a presentation which sum­marised the development of its UECLSH series engines. Yuji Wakatusuki, acting manager of the power systems engineering department; told the conference that the UEC60LSII, the latest in the series, is shortly to be installed in a bulk carrier being built in Japan.

Wartsila’s representative at the conference was Stefan Gros, diesel technology laborato­ry manager. Mr Gros concentrated on the tub and fuel aspects of marine diesel operation. Mr Gros was concerned about the ability of lub oils to assist Wartsila Diesel meet its goals of improved engine reliability. In this respect he discussed the effect of emissions legisla­tion. Wartsila, said Mr Gros had already intro­duced a number of improvements to permit the use of poor quality fuels. Mechanical developments highlighted by Mr Gros included the anti-polishing ring that Wartsila introduced in 1991.

Dietrich Friedel, operating media department manager, said the argument that two-stroke engines could be operated on more inferior fuels than four-stroke engines was false. He noted that the ability to change the injection timing on MAN B&W large-bore medium-speed engines overcame this problem. Mr Friedel expected that the quality of h oil would continue to deteriorate which would require an increase in detergent capabilities. He also noted that increasing cot residues will affect deposits in the piston area.

For SEMT Pielsrick, Jean-Louis Magnet, general technical manager, underlined the development of the PC2.6B engine.