Forms of address. When addressing people you know, by name, the following forms are used. Attracting attention

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Forms of address

When addressing people you know, by name, the following forms are used:

1.   first name ( or Christian name);

2.   Mr./ Mrs./ Miss/ Ms. + surname

Other forms of address:

1.   Sir    This form is used:

2.   to an older and/ or  more senior  man than oneself

3.   by shop assistant, waiters etc. to their customers ;

4.   by school children to their male teachers; in the armed forces, to an officer; as a title, followed by the first name;

5.   as a polite form of address to a stranger ( more common in America- in Britain the usual way of addressing to a stranger is Excuse me, please)

6.   Madam Used generally by waiters, shop assistant etc to their female customers

7.   Doctor  Used alone only to medical practitioners. The person with degree is addressed as e.g.Dr.Brown

8.   Professor May be used with or without the surname

9.   Ladies and  Gentlemen - to an audience;

10.   Mr./ Madam Chairman - to the chairman of a meeting

11.   Officer- to a policeman; Waiter/ Waitress/ Nurse/ Porter, etc.- to people of certain occupation.

Attracting attention

1.   Excuse me, please- the most common way;

2.   Can/ May I have your attention, please?- used to attract attention of a group of people;

3.   Attention, please.- in official announcements;

4.   I say.- Used in order to draw  particular attention to the following sentence (esp. to  groups of people rather than to individuals);

5.   Look here! - Used to attract attention to smth. that you disapprove. Often indignant.;

6.   Just a minute.

7.   Hey! - Used to express indignation or to warn smb. of  danger;

8.   Look/ Watch out!- to warn smb. of danger;

9.   Mind...!- meaning «be careful of» (e.g. Mind the doors! )

Introduction and conversation opening

1 Mrs.  Johnson, may I introduce Mr. Bentley? Mr. Bentley- Mrs. Johnson.

2.   Let me introduce...

3.   Can I introduce...?

4.   I’d like you to meet...

5.   This is...

6.   Meet... (mainly American)

7.   May I introduce myself? My name is.../ Let me introduce myself/ Can I introduce myself;

Possible answers:

1.   How do you do?-formal, semi- formal;

2.   Hallo- informal, semi- formal;

3.   Pleased/ Glad to meet you- more common in America;

Two phrases often used before introducing smb.:

1.   Have you met...?

2.   I don’t think you’ve met...

Here are some phrases you may find useful to start a conversation after being introduced to smb.:

1.   Is it your first visit to...?

2.   Have you been here/to...before?

3.   How do you like/find (our)...?

4.   ( How) are you enjoying...?

5.   Are you finding interesting/ useful...?

6.   What do you think of...?

7.   Are you interested in...?

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