Small Diameter Pipe and Duct Inspection System. The VersaTrax 100 system is available with a variety of options that will meet almost any small diameter internal pipe and duct inspection criteria

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VersaTrax 100

                                    Small Diameter Pipe and Duct Inspection System


The VersaTrax 100 is a unique and versatile remotely operated pipe and duct inspection system. Although it has a variety of applications, it was originally designed for pipe and duct inspection. With it's powerful, remotely operated transporter and quality color video system, the system delivers impressive results.

The system transporter is based on the INUKTUN Microtracs crawler units.  These tracked units are precision machined from solid brass, aluminum or stainless steel stock and are fitted with high quality, powerful gear motors and vulcanized rubber tracks belts.  Each unit is completely independent of the other, providing the system with excellent steering and maneuvering capabilities.

Modular design and quality engineering make the VersaTrax 100 system the most versatile and unique small pipe and duct inspection package available.  Each tracked unit and the camera housing are rated for submerged operation to a depth of 100 ft / 30 m.  By changing the configuration of the transporter, the system can be used in pipe sizes as small as 4 in / 10 cm in diameter.

Operation in smaller pipes [100 mm / 4 inches  to 150 mm / 6 inches] is accomplished using flexible connecting hardware that allows the tracks and camera to be mounted "in-line".  In this configuration the tracks are equipped with side bumpers that act as stabilizers to assist in preventing the tracks from tipping over inside the pipe.  The flexible joints allow the unit to negotiate bends and obstacles as it travels through the pipe.  The front camera is mounted on skids to keep it centered in the pipe.  The VersaTrax 100 system transporter is not steerable in this configuration.

In larger diameter pipes, [ 200mm / 8 inches and 250mm / 10 inches], the system is assembled in the more conventional, side by side, configuration and is steerable.  Mounting brackets have been designed for use in both sizes of pipe and in a flat configuration.  In these arrangements, the tracked units are mounted at an angle, allowing them to travel along the sides of the pipe.  In addition to providing optimum traction, this feature also serves to keep the tracks clear of obstacles and material lying in the bottom of the pipe.

 Distributed in the USA by RoboProbe Technologies, Inc.                                                   Visit us on the web at or call us at (847) 934-5567.


Depth Rating:                0-30 m /  0-100 ft.

Speed:           9+m / 0 – 30+ ft. per minute*


Transporter:                      ISL Microtracs


                                       Forward Viewing

                                                    ¼” CCD

320 TV Lines  Auto-Iris

                                            Remote Focus          

Tether Cable:                        90m / 300 ft. 

Multiconductor, abrasion resistant

Operational Size:

                   In-line: 100 – 150 mm / 4 to 6”

                    Parallel : 120 mm /  8” and up

Lighting:                2 X 20 W (40W Total)

Operating Temp:    0° - 50° C / 32° - 122° F 

System Voltage:               110 or 220 VAC

* Depending on load

The VersaTrax 100 system is available with a variety of options that will meet almost any small diameter internal pipe and duct inspection criteria.  Some examples are listed below.

•  MicroTrac units can be manufactured from Aluminum or Stainless Steel (vs. Brass)

•  The system can be equipped with the Spectrum 100 PTZ and the Spectrum 60 PT

•  Special materials are available for nuclear applications

•  The system can be upgraded to the VersaTrax Vertical Crawler by adding a third track, a chassis and control system.

•  Dry operation only systems are available at a reduced cost.

In addition, if you own a camera, lights or other equipment from a different manufacturer, Inuktun Services can integrate your existing equipment into a VersaTrax 100 system.  If required, Inuktun will provide all the necessary technical information to qualified clientele who can perform the integration.

 Distributed in the USA by RoboProbe Technologies, Inc.                                                    Visit us on the web at or call us at (847) 934-5567. 

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