And she looked at me and she said, "yes". And the pilot turned round and gave us two glasses and a bottle of champagne

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tune in / listen carefully

T     Well, a few years ago, I was with my girlfriend, Janet, and erm, we were having a picnic in a field, and while we were having our picnic, we suddenly heard this dubba-dubba-dubba-dubba in the sky – a helicopter! And I love helicopters, I’ve always loved helicopters, and I heard it getting closer and closer, and I decided to wave. The helicopter started to circle the field, and it got lower and lower and finally, the helicopter landed right in front of us.

The noise and the wind were tremendous. Janet stood next to me, not sure what was happening. Then, the pilot ran over and said to my girlfriend, ‘Hello, Janet, my name’s Ian, come in the helicopter, please!’ (Wow!) Well, she didn’t want to go, she didn’t know what was happening, (not surprising!) but we got in. In fact, er, I’d organized this before, erm, I’d organized it about two weeks before, and Janet didn’t know.

So anyway, we were up in the helicopter, we flew over the sea, and I said to Janet, ‘Please, marry me.’ Erm, I had to shout, it was so noisy.

L     Wow!

T     And she looked at me and she said, ‘yes.’ And the pilot turned round and gave us two glasses and a bottle of champagne!

L     Ahh!

T     And we drank this flying all the way back home. Anyway, we landed, we got out of the helicopter, and in the end, we sat in the field and finished our picnic – it was, it was like a dream.

L     Oh, what a lovely story.

T     It was an amazing day!


listening challenge

L     And what did Janet say afterwards?

T     She was so surprised and shocked, she didn’t, she didn’t speak for quite a long time, erm, and then we, we sat in the field, and as far as I remember, she cried.

L     Ahhh.

T     So, and so did I when I got the bill!

L     Oh, really? Can I ask how much it cost?

T     I don’t remember, it was, er a lot of money, er, a lot of money.

L     But was it easy to set up, to organize?

T     It was very easy, erm, probably it took three phone calls and I sent the pilot a map of where the field was. And that was it. He did the rest.

L     And erm, did Janet actually marry you in the end?

T     She married me, yes. We got married, erm, five years ago.

L     Ahhh.

T     Yeah.


T     You know, we had a really nice evening on Saturday.

L     Yeah?

T     First of all, we went for a meal, after that we went to a musical, which was great.

L     Oh, right!

T     And then we met some friends for a few drinks. It was really good.


A     Hi! How are you?

B     Oh, I’m having a very nice time.

A     How was the trip?

B     Oh, I had a terrible time.

A     What are you doing tomorrow?

B     I’m going to a music festival.

A     Oh, wow! Have a great time!


T     We had an amazing day on Sunday.

J     Oh, yeah?

T     Yeah, you remember it was a warm day, really hot?

J     Yeah, yeah, I do.

T     So we decided to go for a picnic, and there’s a lake not far from us, so we went there, and we were having a lovely time by the water, (hmm) you know, having nice food, it was all nice and peaceful, and then this family came along. Really noisy! (uh) The father had his radio on at full volume, their dog was barking all the time, girl was shouting and running after the dog …

J     So annoying.

T     Yeah, anyway, Penny got fed up, (hmm) so we decided to leave and went back to the car. Anyway, we got to the car, and there were two young men standing by my car.

J     Right.

T     One of them got a brick and smashed the window of my car.

J     You’re joking!

T     No! I couldn’t believe it. (uh) Anyway, I, I shouted and ran after them. Fortunately they didn’t steal anything.

J     Oh, that’s good.

T     Anyway, one of them fell over, so I managed to catch him.

J     Right.

T     And Penny rang the police, and they came a few minutes later and arrested him.

J     Oh, fantastic!

T     Yeah, and they got the other guy on Monday. (Huh!)

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