The woman in the picture’s wearing a jacke., She’s carrying an umbrella. Do you usually wear glasses

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buy it


A     Which one do you prefer?

B     I like this one.

A     What, the blue one?

B     Yeah, it’s really pretty.

A     Hmm. I prefer that one, actually.

B     Do you?

A     Yeah. It’s more for men, you know?

B     Yeah.


The woman in the picture’s wearing a jacket.

She’s carrying an umbrella.

Do you usually wear glasses?

You wear a ring on your finger.


turn it off

turn it on

put it down

hang it up

take it off

try them on

take it back

put it on

pick them up


1     A     What size are you?

        B     I’m a 28.

2     A     Could I try these on?

        B     Yes, the changing room’s over there.

3     A     Do they fit?

        B     No, they’re too tight.

4     A     Have you got them in a bigger size?

        B     Yes, here you are.

5     A     What do you think of them?

        B     I like them - they look good on you.

6     A     Where do I pay?

        B     Over there, at the counter.


tune in / listen carefully

Ji    I had this interview for a job last week, and erm, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t got any clothes, you know, a good suit for the interview (hmm, right) so I went to buy one, erm, I went down to the department store, erm… the first thing I saw was this beautiful, blue suit (hmm), it was just fantastic, erm, and then I saw the price, and it was too expensive, (oh) so erm, anyway, the shop assistant came up and was really nice, erm, and then I tried on a grey suit, (hmm) erm, but that was the wrong size, (oh), you know, the trousers weren’t long enough, erm, anyway, the shop assistant was really helpful, and, erm, brought lots of suits and was, said lots of nice things, like, you know, ‘that looks very good,’ and er, then finally after about half an hour, he said, erm, ‘Oh, yeah, that looks really good’, (hmm) and it did, so I decided that was the suit for me, and I went to pay…


listening challenge

So I went to the cash desk, and the manager of the department store was actually working on the cash desk, (hmmm) and he said, ‘did you get good service today?’ (right) and I said, ‘yes, yes, I did, the assistant was, was very helpful,’ and I pointed to the assistant who’d been helping me, and at that moment, he was just walking out of the door of the store, and the manager said, ‘oh, he doesn’t work here.’

Ju   I don’t understand.

Ji    Well, the assistant that had been helping me try on the suit wasn’t an assistant at all, he was just another customer, or somebody that had come in off the street!


A     Can I help you?

C     Could I try these on?

A     Yes, of course. What size do you take?

C     43.

C     Sorry, they’re too tight.

A     Right. Would you like to try on the next size, then?

C     Yes, OK.

A     I’m sorry, we’ve only got these in the next size.

C     OK, I’ll try them on.

C     Hmmm… What do you think of them?

A     I think they look fantastic.

C     OK, I’ll take them.

A     Fine. That’s, erm, 60 euros, please.

W   Oh, look! Your shoes are the same as mine!

C     Oh, yes!

C     Would you like a drink?

W   Yes, I’d love one. I’ll have a white wine, please.

three review


It’s the opposite of interesting.

It’s the place where you borrow books.

It’s another way of saying ‘a five-minute walk’.

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