I’m at university, but my brother is still at school. My father’s seventy next week, but he still plays tennis

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I’m at university, but my brother is still at school.

My father’s seventy next week, but he still plays tennis.

Do you still work at the bank?


tune in / listen carefully


J     Well, here’s a picture of our new house.

N     Oh, the house!

J     Mmm.

N     Yeah.

J     It's lovely, isn’t it?

N     It is. How long have you lived there now?

J     Erm, nearly four months.

N     Oh, right.

J     Yeah.

N     Has it changed the way you live?

J     Very much so, yes, well, we’ve got a garden now, so yeah, that means that we can have barbecues and outdoor activities, erm, and also, we’ve got just so much more space, we can have friends round for dinner, and people can come and stay as well if they want.

N     Oh, right. What, you’ve got a, a spare room?

J     Yeah.

N     That’s great.

J     Yeah, it’s lovely.


S     Have you seen this photo? It’s my new puppy.

J     Oh, isn’t he lovely? Oh, what a cutie! How long have you had it?

S     Oh, hmm, four months now.

J     Hmm. And what’s his name?

S     His name’s Rocky, and it’s changed my life.

J     How, how’s that?

S     Well, I have to get up early of course now to take him for a walk (hmm) before I go to work, but that way, I get a lot of exercise, which is great, and I meet people, too.

J     Hmm. Yes.

S     But I can’t just go away for the weekend. I have to make plans and think about it, make sure someone can feed him and take him out.

J     Hmm.


listening challenge

D     Hey! Is this your car?

S     Yup!!

D     Wow! Have you had it long?

S     No, no, couple of months. It’s great, isn’t it?

D     So now you drive to work?

S     Yup! No more public transport, no more waiting for buses.

D     Yes, but it must be expensive.

S     Yes, but I can go out when I like, (hmm) come home when I like. I’ve got really interested in cars now.

D     Have you?

S     Yeah, I buy car magazines, I watch car TV programmes.

D     Really?

S     I never did that before.


Right, then, first of all, on the ground floor, there’s the hall, with a toilet just behind the door, and the stairs on the left.

Then, on the right, it’s got a living room at the front of the house, and behind that, a dining room.

And then, at the end of the hall, there’s a kitchen with the doors that open out onto a very nice patio, and beyond that, there’s the garden.

Going upstairs to the landing, there are the three bedrooms on the first floor, and a bathroom at the front of the house.

One interesting thing is that the bedroom at the back of the house has got a balcony which looks out onto the patio and garden.

Oh, one other thing, it’s got a garage at the side of the house.


N     So, Mary, have you lived in many different places, then?

M    Yes, yes, I have, a few, erm, well, when I was a child, er, I lived in, in Wiltshire, in, in a beautiful house, (ah) in the country (hmm) and erm , I lived there until I was 17, and then I went to university, er, where I lived in a student house, and that was for about three years.

N     Oh, right, OK.

M    Erm, that was very different, you know, full of young people, very dirty, always lots of people coming and going, very noisy (hmm), and er, after that, I, er, when I, when I graduated, I went to live in Barcelona, er, I worked there for a while, and erm, there, I er, I had this wonderful villa, really close to the beach,

N     Hmm, nice.

M    and erm, I shared that with, with another teacher, we were, we were teaching English (yeah) out there, erm, and that’s in fact where I met my, my husband, erm , and er, we moved back to England together and got married, and erm, and then decided to settle in, in Oxford, and we bought a lovely little flat there with a, with a garden, gorgeous garden.

N     So how long have you been there, then?

M    Er, about four years, erm, but in fact, we’re going to have to move soon, because I’m having a baby in the spring, (oh) and er, well, obviously we’re going to need more space, (hmm, hmm) so, erm, yeah, that’s our plan.

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