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Michael Jackson continued to engage in door -to-door " evangelism as Jehovah's Witnesses , after becoming famous , but in disguise. His career and bright lifestyle led to friction with congregation elders. At some point, his sister LaToya was rejected by Jehovah's Witnesses and in 1987, he officially left the religion.

Jackson 's most famous house of his 2,600 acres ( eleven square kilometers ) Neverland Ranch in Santa Ynez, California, which he bought in 1988. It is named after the magical kingdom, the kingdom of Far Far Away , Child story " Peter Pan ." Jackson , a huge Disney fan , built amusement park on the ranch, and often invites the sick and poor children do not attend and fund charitable drives for children. Jackson relationships with their children as their own and others were controversial : it overnight parties in Neverland, received wide critical media coverage , especially after he revealed that he sometimes slept in the same bed with several unrelated children.

Michael Jackson was hospitalized on Wednesday, December 6, 1995 , suffering from dehydration and low blood pressure after he fell on stage during a rehearsal at the Beacon Theater in New York . New York City Emergency Medical Service received a call at 4:51 pm . guard from the theater saying Jackson was not breathing , but when they arrived minutes later he had not slept . Rescuers determined that Jackson was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and dangerously low blood pressure. He was discharged from hospital on Tuesday, 12 December 1995.

Jackson marriages and children

In 1994, Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley , daughter of Elvis Presley , the marriage has been severely criticized by the media and lasted less than two years. Despite some comments questioning the authenticity of this Union , Presley has always claimed that they both share a pair of normal life during their stay together. Separation date on the divorce papers , it was stated that on Sunday , December 10, 1995 . On the day when Jackson was still in the hospital after suffering dehydration during a rehearsal of his "One Night Only" in the New York Beacon Theater.

In 1996, Jackson married Deborah Jeanne Rowe, with whom he had a son, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. ( which officially is called " Prince" ) , and a daughter , Paris Michael Katherine Jackson . They divorced in 1999 . Rowe later said she wanted Jackson to have children as a "gift " , she suggested , even when Jackson was married to Presley. Rowe gave her parental rights to the children, but as of 2005 in a family court case about attending . In the godparents of these two children , Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor .

Skin color

Although Jackson skin color was that African- American for the entire period of his youth , his skin gradually brightened since 1982 , and is today a pale melanin, devoid of color. Jackson attributed his change in skin color to vitiligo, a skin disease in which the body produces antibodies against its own melanin , the body pigment , resulting in bright spots and possible loss of pigment. Society finally learned Jackson state when it first opened it in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993. Several members of the media refused to believe Jackson Vitiligo and believe that Jackson bleaches his skin, an allegation that Jackson denies. Jackson family members back up his claim with Joseph Jackson , saying that his own father (Michael Jackson 's grandfather ) also suffered from vitiligo. During court depositions in 1994, as Jackson and his dermatologist nurse (later his wife) confirmed the diagnosis .