Tension during the exams

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Shmakova Ann

Group ЯЭ – 45


Tension during the exams

Do you think it’s easy to be a student? We have to get up at dawn, do a lot of homework, listen to the teachers’ instructions, fulfill them and even then some of us remain bad students. Sometimes I believe that many outstanding people were bad students during their youth because it’s really impossible to be brilliant and smart all the time. But, you know, one thing always surprises me why even good students have butterflies in their stomach during the examinations.  Are there some principles that almost all students are nervous during the examinations?

Being a student for several years I can confirm the presence of some tension during the examinations. And it’s quite natural when bad students are nervous. But I never understand bookworms they are always prepared and it seems to me they are nervous just because are afraid of forgetting everything they know.

Our educational system isn’t perfect, like many others. The very fact of the existing of exams is stressful for the students. Sometimes students are afraid not of their ignorance but of the unfairness of assessment. They consider that teacher’s affection is more weighty argument than knowledge and luck decides more than knowledge itself. There is even the proverb about this problem “Two absolute different things are to know the subject well and to pass the exam”.  I think this proverb exists not without the reason.

On the other part the tension at the exams is integral part of the educational process. Knowing subject well isn’t enough to apply this knowledge practically. But when a student overcame all the difficulties, waited his queue in the corridor, bore all suspicious examiner’s stares and passed several hours or days in expectation of the results he is ready for practice. He made stronger his nerves and found out the difference between theory and practice by such simple example like passing the exam. Just now he understood the core of the proverb “Two absolute different things are to know the subject well and to pass the exam”. He found out that he has to be aware not even of the theory but ready to prove everyone what he knows and how he knows.

The difficulties made us stronger and ready for real life for the life out of the university. And I think such problems, which we run across only help us. Like to overcome our nervous to defeat personal fears during the exams are important things which will benefit us in future.

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