Образовать порядковые числительные от количественных. Преобразовать предложения, употребив Participle I. Поставить глаголы в Present Indefinite Passive, страница 5

Упражнение 12. Поставьте к предложениям специальные вопросы и ответьте на них.

1.The article hits out at companies, whose activity often results in industrial pollution. 2.It is amazing that these companies make both the chemicals that create cancer and the medicines that treat it. 3.Ecology problems are getting more and more popular nowadays. 4.Different organizations fighting environment contamination are growing as fast as mushrooms. 5.I mean the chemicals which are not deliberately manufactured in production of paper, textile, plastics, perfume, food, many other products and even while incinerating municipal garbage. 6.The scientists have proved that one millionth part of a milligram of dioxin found as an airborne contaminant is capable of causing cancer. 7.The dioxin made by a paper mill in a small town of Sweden can end in the ice cream eaten by residents of Helsinki. 8.The dioxin emitted by municipal waste incinerator in St.Petersburg can get, into the hamburger bought in Amsterdam. 9.The only way out is to improve conventional technological processes and change our attitude to the environment.

2. Лексико-грамматический комментарий.

2.1. They don’t care about anything but money. Они ни о чем не беспокоятся, кроме как о деньгах.

Упражнение 13. Переведите предложения, употребляя but в значении “кроме”.

1.они не говорят ни на каком языке(anything), кроме русского. 2.Она ничего не ест, кроме хлеба. 3.В комнате не было ничего, кроме дивана и двух кресел. 4.Здесь не было никого, кроме Эмми, которая приходила и делала что-то на моем компьютере. 5.Никто мне не звонил, кроме моей тети. 6.Он не хочет гулять нигде, кроме как в своем саду.

2.2 to my mind  по моему мнению

I haven’t made up my mind,  What did you have in mind (Un. 6:2.4.)

Would you mind ….?(Un.8:2.1)

2.3.С союзом while, так же, как и с союзом when часто употребляется герундий:

While incinerating

Упражнение 14. Закончите предложения союзом while или when и герундием от следующих глаголов: work, wait, cross, enter, park, walk, invite, get off.

1.Be careful … … the road. 2.I caught cold … … home in the rain. 3.He looked at me … … the car. 4.The people talked a lot … … outside. 5. She was very kind … … us to the party. 6.He was rather nervous … … because there were few parking places there. 7.I met my neighbor … … the Fitness Centre. 8. He became a good programmer … … at a big company.


Упражнение 15. Вставьте вместо точек предлоги: into, to, with, up, on, out, by, from, at, of, about, in.

1.Oil spills from tankers are a serious threat … the environment. 2. Our country depends … oil imports. 3.Even plastics come … oil. 4. The companies don’t care … anything but money. 5.You are  engaged … the problem. 6.The article hits … … companies, whose activity often results … industrial pollution. 7.There is nothing strange … it. 8.These problems exist though we are sometimes not even aware … them. 9.The dioxin made … a paper mill … a small town … Sweden can end … … the ice cream eaten … residents … Helsinki. 10.The dioxin emitted … municipal waste incinerator St. Petersburg can get … the hamburger bought … Amsterdam. 11.The only way is to improve conventional technological processes and change  drastically our attitude … the environment.


Michael and Alec, discussing environmental problems

Michael: (entering the room): What are you doing?

Alec:      I’m reading. Can you….

 (taking the newspaper): Oh, the London Bulletin. What article?

      Michael:   Can you believe it? There is another oil spill off the Baltic Sea coast! Why don't                        oil companies find another way to transport oil?