Belgian Electrical Company. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunnschein company, CGE company, Torredors company

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Ladies and Gentleman’s  I’m glad to see you today.  For a start I want to check whether all representatives are present today.

Let me to remember Financial manager- Kristina Timohina, Production Manager- Denis Sergeev, Quality Control Manager – Julia Beresinseva, Sales Manager – Rita Koroleva, Marketing Manager – Alina Pavletsova and Director of Human Resourses – Alena Kolobova. Well, as I see all representatives are here and we can start our meeting.

In order to define the purpose of today’s meeting First of  all  I would like to start from presenting the current situation at Belgian Electrical Company. I’d like to remind you that our company makes  electric motors of two basic kinds – heavy motors for products like lifts, forklift trucks and electric vehicles, and light motors for equipment such as washing machines, electric drills, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners. As the market for light motors is very competitive, it is important for the profitability of our company to maintain a balance in production between large and small motors.

Our company is quite big: we have a workforce of over 4000 peoples and factories all over Europe – two in Italy, one in Spain, and three in Belgian. As you all know, our best market is Italy, but also sales in Benelux and Spain are nearly as high and Germany and Britain – are big customers.

There are more than 40 firms in Europe making the same kind of motors, and imports from the far East are taking an increasingly greater share of the market. Although our firm is second in Europe, we have only 8% of the market. One of the way to increase market share is to take over our competitors. As you remember we have recently taken over the factories in Italy and in Spain, and now our main aim is to become the European market leader.

We meet today to come to a decision on who to take over next.

We must decide:

Which markers we most need to concentrate on

Where we need increased production facilities

Which competitor(s) we should aim to take over

I want to listen to all your suggestions and proposals according to these questions.

Kristina may be you will start?           

Кристина рассказывает про компанию.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunnschein company.



1.Germany  is the only major market where we have no factories

2. Sunnschein is the number six in Europe.

3. Big contracts with major German firms – Miele and Bosch

4. Difficulties in company

1. Difficulties with managing

2. Record losses last year

3. Low productivity

4.German customers like to buy from German firms

Alena: But don’t you think that Sunnschein company is too Big? It would be difficult to manage. It is almost as big as ours, with nearly 3000 employees!!!

Kristina:  Don’t forget that our main purpose is to become first in Europe. I think if we take over such a big company, we can achieve it!

Lena: I understand your point of you Kristina. May be someone else want to add something about Sunnschein?

Alina: If you don’t object I want to tell you my opinion connecting to this question. Говоришь свою речь про недостатки Немецкой компании!!! Они на слайде.

Lena: Thank you Alina. Who has other proposals?

Alena: про британскую компанию, финн трудности и контракты.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CGE company.



1.Financial difficulties.

2. Big contracts with Hoover

3.High quality

Rita: Alena, I am agree with you, it seems to me that we should turn our attention to CGE in Britain! This company has done a lot to improve their quality in recent years.  Dear colleagues, I do sympathize with your worries about Britain and Germany. Yes, its true, we haven’t got any production facilities there, but I don’t think that is really important. I am convinced that at the moment our priority should be making the best product at the cheapest price. I am sure if we manage to do this, then we will be able to make inroads into Germany and Spain and it won`t matter where the motors are produced. Also I think that we should consider Torredors in Spain. This company has very low production costs. In my opinion Torredors and CGE  are the best candidates for takeover. Its up to you to decide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Torredors company.



1. Low production costs.

2. Growth in Spanish electric motors market

3.Torredors is very strong on the household electrical goods market.

1. Spanish are not very cooperative

Алина: Говоришь свою речь про торредорс.

Алена: Первыедваабзацасвоейречи

Лена: Julia,What do you think?? Do you have any ideas??


Лена: Now we should look at this question from the point of view of production. Denis, you are welcome.


Лена: Thank you Denis, I see your proposal. According to your approach we should take over two small companies. But if we do this our firm will not increase the market share and won’t become the European market leader. But on the other hand if we take over our biggest competitor we create an imbalance in our production as you say.

So At the meeting it was suggested several approaches to solving the question. And as I can see three of the present managers are for the takeover of  Spain company. We have discussed all pros and cons connecting with the question and now I can make a conclusion that we should takeover Torredors company in Spain. Well if there is no opposition we will stop here. Now I declare the meeting closed. Thank you all for coming.

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