List of Vocabulary for Unit Literature, страница 5

Glaze /gleɪz/ - lose brightness and animation: the prospect makes my eyes glaze over with boredom.

Vivid insight /ˈvɪvɪd/ - producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind: memories of that evening were still vivid.

Sampling sɑːmp(ə)l/- get a representative experience of: sample some entertaining nights out in Liverpool.

Explore /ɪkˈsplɔː, ɛk-/ - travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it: he explored the Fontainebleau forest.

Via ˈvʌɪə/ – travelling through (a place) en route to a destination: they came to Europe via Turkey.

Hilltop /ˈhɪltɒp/ - the summit of a hill.

Hustle and bustle - a large amount of noisy surrounding. He moved to his parents' farm to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city

Acrid ˈakrɪd/ - unpleasantly bitter or pungent: acrid smoke

Majestic /məˈdʒɛstɪk/ - having or showing impressive beauty or scale: the majestic Canadian Rockies.

Exquisite /ˈɛkskwɪzɪt, ɪkˈskwɪzɪt, ɛk-/ - extremely beautiful and delicate: exquisite, jewel-like portraits.

Elaborate /ɪˈlab(ə)rət/ - involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning: elaborate security precautions.

Delightful /dɪˈlʌɪtfʊl, -f(ə)l/ - causing delight; charming: a delightful secluded garden.

Awe-inspiring - arousing awe through being impressive or formidable: Michelangelo’s awe-inspiring masterpiece.

To shrill (or adj) -(of a voice or sound) high-pitched and piercing: a shrill laugh  derogatory (especially of a complaint or demand) loud and forceful.

Cobbled /ˈkɒbld/ - (of an area or roadway) paved with cobbles: the street was narrow and cobbled.

Vicious  /ˈvɪʃəs/ - deliberately cruel or violent: a vicious assault.

Nobleman /ˈʊb(ə)lmən/ - a man who belongs by rank, title, or birth to the aristocracy.

To inflict /ɪnˈflɪkt/ - (inflict something on) impose something unwelcome on: she is wrong to inflict her beliefs on everyone else.

Write-up - review of an event, performance, or product: we had a good write-up in yesterday’s paper.

Stilted /ˈstɪltɪd/ - (of a manner of talking or writing) stiff and self-conscious or unnatural: we made stilted conversation.

To itch /ɪtʃ/ - informal a restless or strong desire to do something: an itch to write fiction.

Smirk (v,n) /sməːk/ - smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way: he smirked in triumph.

Hiatus /hʌɪˈeɪtəs/ - a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity: there was a brief hiatus in the war with France.

Venue /ˈvɛnjuː/ - the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports competition: the club is the city’s main venue for live music.

To dismay /dɪsˈmeɪ/ - concern and distress caused by something unexpected: to his dismay, she left him.

Squalid /ˈskwɒlɪd/ - (of a place) extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect: the squalid, overcrowded prison.

Neglected  /nɪˈglɛktɪd/ - suffering a lack of proper care: some severely neglected children; not receiving proper attention; disregarded: a neglected area of research.

Disreputable /dɪsˈrɛpjʊtəb(ə)l/ - not considered to be respectable in character or appearance: he was heavy, grubby, and vaguely disreputable.

Dilapidated /dɪˈlapɪdeɪtɪd/ - (of a building or object) in a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect: the tank was rather dilapidated.

Derelict /ˈdɛrəlɪkt/ - in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect: a derelict Georgian mansion.

Bleak /bliːk/ - (of an area of land) lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements: a bleak and barren moor.

Barren /ˈbar(ə)n/ - empty of meaning or value: your life will be barren.