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My free time.

I haven’t my own free time because I have litter daughter. She demands all my attention and care. Together we go for a walk two times in a day. Two times in a week we go to a swimming pool for babes and special classes. Weekend is a nice time for me because we are all together. Usually we go to the country or go to a museum. Our daughter likes Hermitage. She likes big rooms because there are so many spaces. She is delight with productions of art. We admire it too and our daughter.

demand – требовать

space – пространство

be delight (with) – восторгаться

product(ion) – произведение

art – искусство

admire – восхищаться

My working day.

   I am a nurse. I work in a maternity hospital nearly my house. It’s so nice work! I’m really like it! Every day I help born new babes and save their mom’s lives. Sometimes we have got sad events.

    My working day starts in 9 am and finishes in 9 am to the next day. I work 24 ours. It’s really hard, because sometimes I can’t sleep all night. I know how make different injections: in the vine, in the muscles and other places, I can do blood transfusions, give an enema, and measure a temperature and blood pressure and est. I can do much special affairs and know many special knowledge which I need use to my work.

My flat.

   I live in a four-room flat in a block of flats.  There are a hall with a closet, a kitchen, a living-room, three bedrooms, a toilet and a bathroom. And now I want to tell about each room.

   The hall not is very big, but there arrange a lot of  furniture: a coatrack, a shoe-rack, a wardrobe and two dressing stools.

    A kitchen is very nice. There are all I need: a fridge with a freezer, a dishdrainer, and an electric cooker with an oven, a cooker hood, kitchen furniture and utensils.

   The spacious living-room is the heart of the house. It is the place where I can have a chance to see the rest of my family. They come in the evening to sit around the coffee table in soft armchairs and on the sofa. I look at the wall units, stuffed with china, crystal and books. Some place is left for a stereo system and a TV set. Houseplants make the living-room really cosy.

   All three bedrooms are very similar to each other. There are a single or double bed, a wardrobe, one or to bedside tables and a dressing-table.

   Inside the bathroom you can see usual bathroom furniture: a sink, hot and cold taps and a bath. There is nothing to see in the toilet except a flush-toilet.

spacious – просторный, обширный

utensil (ju:'tensl) – посуда, утварь

cosy – уютный

My biography.

   I was born in the little town nearly Saint-Petersburg in 1982. My father was a military man and traveled with all family. But when my oldest sister was born my parents settled in that small town. I grew up there before my 8th birthday. After this event I remember our move to Volchov. It was biggest town than that we lived before. I finished a usual school and I entered to the medical school. I graduated from my medical school and worked in different hospitals. Now I work in maternity hospital and I like my work.

finish, conclude – заканчивать

graduate from – заканчивать

settle, subside – осесть, оседать

event, occurrence – событие

remember – помнить

enter – поступить

My family.

My family is a very large now because two years ago I was marriage. Before it event I had just mom, dad oldest sister. My mother names Tamara, my father names Vladimir and my sibling names Natalie. With my marriage I had got mother, father and brother-in-laws. My dear husband names Vasiliy.  I’m steel head over heels in love to him. Two years ago we decided to have a child. Now we have got a daughter. Her name is Zlata. She is so beautiful! My has got two children: a son Egor and a daughter Lisa. I think, I and my husband need one more child. 

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