Соглашения о сотрудничестве и совместной работе между отделами Продаж, Логистики и Комин, страница 3

5.  SS Team is responsible for internal ordering. Normal filling rate for auto order is 35-40%. Another level can be set by mutual agreement (SS-Logistics GLs or DHs).

6.  Order from Tracks (L22) will finished by 19:45.

7.  Auto order (L3F) is started at 19:00 (by printing auto offer at 19:00) and finished by SS team by 21:00 (by making order confirmation).

8.  Additional orders (L23) are done only when it is a necessity (e.g. for high turnover/volume articles etc). The decision is done by SS team. Order is finished by 21:30. In case of an absolute necessity (force majeur) additional articles can be ordered by 9:00 am (1 hour before opening). The reason for it has to be afterwards clearly communicated to SS & FS group leaders & actions have to taken to avoid this in future if possible.

9.  Self-Serve is responsible for daily preparing sales spaces for the morning fill-up. If places are not prepared properly SS has to fill-up these goods (unless the reason was communicated & another decision was taken).

10.  SS Team is responsible for goods ordering for end podiums & activity areas. SS GL can sign stock order for these 2 media.

11.  Self-Serve does not order goods from SGF, if goods are coming up soon from tracks & there is enough quantity at Sales Locations (in accordance with SpCap parameters).

Logistics department is responsible & agrees to:

1.  All goods are filled-up by the opening time & area is cleaned up.

2.  No forklift driving after opening in the Self-Serve Area.

3.  Logistics will provide information to SS co-worker regarding goods delivered by 8:00 am (Domestic deliveries). These goods will not be stacked on warehouse racks before 8:30. The purpose – to have a chance to move some of deliveries directly to sales places.

4.  Forklift drivers will take down sofas from rack, place them in a special area (rows 36, 33) & together with SS co-worker will flip sofas on cargo trolleys. This operation will be finished before opening.

5.  All packages must be stacked neat, with labels facing a customer, ground pallets standing “in line”. If this rule is neglected – Logistics is responsible for placing goods in an agreed way & will take actions immediately.

6.  In case of small sales space capacity Logistics informs Self-Serve immediately.

7.  In the opening hours goods can be taken down from the racks only in case of absolute necessity & with Duty Managers approval. SS co-workers secure the process.


Weekly meetings. Monitor result from internal orders, stock accuracy, local CR, sales locations and p-tag checks, sales figures, customer feedbacks, CSI etc

IX. Activity – Sales departments – Com-In Service & Responsibilities Agreements

Activity department is responsible & agrees to:

1.  Actively promote seasonal range.

2.  Activity department is responsible for setting up criteria how to work with seasonal range on Activity areas & thru the whole store.

3.  Together with Sales departments and Com-In to plan Activity Areas & Activity podiums thru the store. The article selection for AA & AP is reached by mutual agreement.  Activity GL has the final responsibility for products choice.

4.  Activity Team is responsible for external ordering and sales forecasting.

5.  Activity team has responsibility for seasonal range sales; that all stock is sold out in time without price reduction.

6.  During activity campaign Activity department is responsible for:

·  Activity range replenishment (morning & during the day);

·  Internal ordering of goods for AA’s & other sales places;

·  Maintaining space capacities and stock levels;

·  Price tags and price sign communications on the AA’s.

7.  Be responsible for the organisation of all meetings which help store management group decide final strategy of running activity.

8.  Be responsible for the providing customer with assistance in the Activity Area 2.

9.  Will spread the knowledge about coming activity/range thru the whole store.

10.  Add on team is responsible for providing activity turnover weekly report (during summer/winter collections).

Sales department is responsible & agrees to:

1.  Monitoring available stock of products in the store.

2.  External and internal ordering of goods.

3.  Check and change all price tags and price signs of displays on the Activity Areas & Activity podiums (at al times except summer/winter collections).

4.  Inform activity responsible about all changes of price or stock availability.

5.  Inform Activity GL about any campaigns, in-coming and out-going products as well as any price changes in advance (at least 1 week).

Com-In department is responsible & agrees to:

1.  Will find the best solution for showing range products on the Activity Areas & Activity podiums according to merchandising rules.

2.  Com-in co-workers will support Activity team with rebuilding add on places (racking choice & installation).

3.  Activity responsible from Com-In will participate in each phase of discussion of future strategy of the coming Activity.

4.  Activity responsible from Com-In will present all work briefs according activity planning (see “Activity build-up schedule”).

Weeks to launch




What to be  done/ result

12 weeks

Start-up meeting

Store manager; dh's-satelitte, furniture, self serve, marketing dep., activity gl, com-in act gl

Presentation of the brief (by activity & marketing mng.)

Development of store strategy, budget, goals for the future activity based on the brief

11 weeks

Work orders preparation

Sales GL’s, activity mng, com-in act gl

Presentation of the developed strategy by Activity mng.

Preparation of work orders done by gls.  

a complete set of orders within 2 weeks.

9 weeks

Handover work orders

Activity mng + com-in act gl  + responsible from furniture + sattelites

Responsible from furniture and                  responsible from sattelites hand over orders to com & in. activity responsible makes sure all the orders fit the main strategy

Com & in gets complete work order set & does the planning within 3 weeks

6 weeks

Progress meeting

Activity mng + com-in act gl + marketing mng + sattelite  and  furniture gls

Activity mng presents the results of planning. add-on and all the contestable points have to be discussed

Detailed planning has to be finished 1 week after this meeting

4 weeks


Store management team + marketing mng + activity mng + com-in act gl + gls sattelite  and  furniture

Com-in act gl presents the final results of planning, hands over plans to gls

Participants get the clear picture of the future activity

3 weeks

Preparation phase

Activity GL’s + Sales gl+       assemblers   + carpenters + communicators

 Sales Gl's make: 1.orders  for assemblers. 2.com&in order -for carpenters & communicators

3. act mng makes final schedule for the activity build-up

Orders are done, schedule & build- up plan is isssued - everything gets ready for the activity build-up

2-1 day

Activity build-up

Com &  in,                                                      sales, activity team                                                              

Sales remove old products, com & in installs racking; sales department makes internal orders

The activity gets ready for launching!