Выполнение заданий с существительными в множественном числе и употребление Future Indefinite Tense

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Задание 1. The fourteenth of December seventeen ninety three.

Задание 2. Photo – photoes, goose – geese, tomato – tomatoes, eye – eyes, daughter – daughters, shelf – shelves, sheep – sheep, watch – watches.

Задание 3. Professors’s names

My friend’s fishes.

Задание 4. Long – longer – the longest, far – farer – the farest, good – better – the best, sunny – sunnyer – the sunnyest, careful – more careful the most careful.

Задание 5. Those is not a buses.

Задание 6. Many chalk, few sugar, some newspapers and magazines, in a garden anybody is not present, I know him, them her.

Задание 7. Philip will go to the stadium tomorrow.

1.Do Philip will go to the stadium tomorrow?

2.Where do Philip will go tomorrow?

3. Who do will go to the stadium tomorrow?

4. .Do Philip will go to the stadium or to the park?

5. Philip will go to the stadium tomorrow, don’t they?

Задание 8. My sister washes the dishes every morning.

                   What you will prepare for breakfast tomorrow?

About Myself

Let me introduce myself. My name is Aleksei Barmin. I was born in nineteen eighty one in the town of Kirovo-Chepeck, Kirov region. I am twenty two. I am married. My wife’s name is Katy. She is a seller. So my family is not large. My parents live in Kirov. I have many close and distant relatives.

I work in a trading company. I attend lectures and seminars in the Ural Institute of Business. The Institute trains specialists in Accounting & Auditing, Commerce, Economics, Management, and Information Sistems in Economy. I want to get a diploma in Accounting. I need this  knowledge I want to start my business. I love to study. I like such subjects as Accounting, finance and business law. I read a lot on Financial Management, Marketing, Statistics, Computers.

My hobbies are sports and music. I love differ music. I can say I’m good at driving a car. I have a few friends, and we spend holidays and have parties toqether.

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