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          One of the subjects studied at medical College is Therapy. During their classes the students acquaint themselves with the work of the reception ward. There a nurse on duty receives those patients who have to be hospitalized. She fills in the patient’s case histories. There she records the following data: their name, age, place of employment, occupation, address and the initial diagnosis made by a district doctor.

          The students also acquaint themselves with the work of the in-patient department and the daily regime of the clinic. They are shown the wards, the X-ray rooms, the laboratories and the special room for carrying on different medical procedures.

          They see the work of the nurses on duty, who take the patients’ temperature, give them injections, cup them, apply mustard plasters and give medicines.   

          The students acquaint themselves with the main rules of carrying on a physical examination and making a family history. Then learn the methods of examining a patient. These methods are: questioning a patient, external examination, percussion, auscultation, palpation, taking blood pressure, laboratory examinations, taking electrocardiograms. The students learn that doctors in charge make their daily rounds of the wards in the morning. Besides, doctors on duty make the daily rounds of the wards in the evening.

          During their classes at the clinic the students remembered one of the patients whose condition was very poor. The onset of the disease was sudden and severe. The patient had a bad pain in the heart and substernal area, which radiated to the left arm and shoulder. The patient was pale and his lips were cyanotic. He suffered from breathlessness. The pain and breathlessness increased on the slightest physical exertion. The borders of his heart were dilated, heart sounds were dull, the pulse was irregular. It was necessary to take the electrocardiogram, to make the analyses of blood and urine. The doctor made the diagnosis of angina pectoris. The doctor in charge administered the patient a bed regime, proper treatment consisting of injections, powders, mixtures and diet.

          During the course of treatment the patient’s condition became better. The pain in the heart decreased, breathlessness and weakness subsided, heart sounds became clearer, heart borders and electrocardiogram findings became better. The course of treatment produced a marked effect on the patient. He was discharged from the hospital completely cured.

          The students understood that doctor’s attention and care to patients were of great importance in patient’s quick recovery. The duty of the doctor was to treat the patient not only with different remedies, but with a kind word and hearty attitude.

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