The Gomel medical institute

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Our Institute was founded in 1990. It consists of several buildings. The central one houses the Administration of the Institute, the library, two reading-rooms and several departments. There are 5 Departments at our Institute:

      1.    The Department of General Medicine;

2.  The Department of General Medicine and Diagnostics;

3.  The Department of General Preventive Medicine;

4.  The Preparatory Department;

5.  The Department of Medical Training for Foreign Students.

The period of studies lasts over 6 years. During the first two years students deal with general subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Microbiology, Medical Physics, History of Belarus, Foreign Languages and others. In this stage of studies the students acquire the necessary knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body.

The students start their clinical training in the third year. All the clinical departments are located in the different hospitals of our city. The students have an opportunity to work at the patient’s bedside and to learn how to recognize and cure diseases. In addition they acquire different practical skills, they are taught to feel pulse, to palpate, to percuss, to take blood pressure, to give injections and so on.

            Senior students also have to attend lectures and classes. Subjects dealt with are Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

            During the entire 6 years course the students have to study about 60 subjects and take examinations and tests in them.

            Almost every department has a scientific circle supervised be highly qualified specialists.

            Our Institute doesn’t only provide medical training but it is also a center of medical research.

            Qualified specialists graduate from the Institute every year and receive their appointments to work as doctors in hospitals of Belarus.

            In 2002 the Gomel Medical Institute celebrated  its 12th anniversary. The scientists, teaching staff and students are making a great contribution to the development of medical science.

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