The creation of the multimedia control program on partition of «Special Electric Machines»

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The purpose of degree project is the creation of the multimedia control program on partition of «Special Electric Machines». It is used as a tutor for the students of the speciality UIT. The created program is used for the lectures on discipline «Units of Management Systems».

During operation the structure of the multimedia control program was developed which contains:

1) Final inspection

2) System of registration

3) Incoming inspection

4) Main body

Which consists from:

1) Purposes and tasks of course

2) Historical help

3) Glossary

4) Correspondence consultation

5) Help

6) Partition of «Special Electric Machines»

7) Recommended literature

Having analyzed criteria of choice of tools of development of the multimedia control programs, and it:

1) A wide specialization of the software product;

2) Limitlessness of resources given to the developer;

3) Variety of the interfacing of the creating multimedia manuals;

4) A rational system of the tests;

5) Ergonomics of created applications;

6) The low requirements to the hardware equipment;

7) Creation of various software products;

8) Application of the common programming languages;

9) Possibility of dynamic renewal of contents of course without its essential processing;

The following tool envelopes were analysed:

The following deficiencies also were detected:

1) A narrow specialization of the software product;

2) bounded of resources given to the developer;

3) Monotony of the interfacing of the received multimedia manuals;

4) A directedness on Internet-technique or impossibility to work with Internet applications;

5) Primitiveness of creating applications;

6) The high requirements to the hardware of equipment;

7) Orientation to the one platform;

8) Creation of the programs on a restricted set of masks;

9) Use of the internal programming languages;

10) Moral aging of tool envelopes;

Therefore was decided to develop the multimedia control program with the help of one of the programming languages. For this purpose the criteria of their choice were detected:

1) A directedness on multimedia applications;

2) The language should base on possibility, which the operating system has;

3) The language should support operation at a level of textual strings;

4) Possibility of introduction of the code of sectoring immediately in the normal text;

5) Possibility of separation the structure of the information from its contents;

6) Possibility of an insertion in the text of commands of formatting;

7) Prevalence of the language;

8) Ability to represent the information in Internet;

During classification the programming languages and languages of sectoring were analysed. Having carried out the given analysis, was found out, that the best language for creation of the multimedia tutorial the «HTML" language with integrated in it «Java» scripts. This system at its use will supply maximum speed, and also publication of the multimedia tutorial in the Internet.

The multimedia tutorial is impossible without use of means animations, which are chosen by the following criteria:

1) Ease and simplicity of correction of basic functions of the program.

2) Possibility of creation animated and static images.

3) Ease of operation with the program, and also it toning and extension.

4) Possibility of application of effects of visualization three-dimensional animated scenes.

5)    Possibility the handling of animation with the help of progressive methods of compression.

6)    Operation with the objects in three-dimensional space

7)    Ability to map all visibly properties of created object

8)    Openness of representation material

Therefore, at creation of a multimedia learning manual the basic role will be played the programs of three-dimensional simulation. The animations which are generated with the help of these programs will be the part of tutoring.

Among the programs of three-dimensional simulation the greatest distribution has received «3D Studio Max».

At creation of the multimedia control program the systems of registration and testing of the student were generated, which flowcharts are shown on this poster.

The system of navigating represents intuitively understandable display of basic control elements, therefore student at once can begin operation with the program

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