The creation of the multimedia control program on partition of «Special Electric Machines», страница 2

The created software is economically effective, about it display results of accounts of the cost price and both price. The economic and social effects are considered from introduction of the program in educational process.

During working on degree project the optimal parameters of work of the engineer - programmer and factors operating on him during operation were calculated.

Therefore you need to get this software, because it allows increasing progress among the students, will allow creating educational process with the students in the easily accessible shape and will allow increasing prestige of high school.

The report is finished. A thank for notice.

1) Why at creation of this software the programs of textual animations were not applied?

These programs is used for creation of the dynamic text, they remove static appearance electronic hypertext documents. Therefore the effects created by these programs create at the best minimum semantic load, not reducing process of tutoring, or serve as the factor negatively influencing on quality of tutoring

2) In what the difference animation from an alive operation consists?

Difference animation from an alive operation is the process, with which help the image is created. The alive operation uses video cameras for capture of the images, which after that are reproduced. Animation is a process of creation of set of the images, demonstrating of changes of plant in time and reproduction of these images with such speed, that they merge in smooth movement.

3) What criteria can be showed to the modern multimedia manuals?

The modern multimedia manual should have in the contents all modern techniques and also to be accessible for a wide range of the people. The information should be in an accessible aspect, giving trained the data which can be shown in several ways: with the help of the text and animations. The interfacing of developed software should be clear, the system of navigation should be simple and clear, and also it should give fast access to all functions of a system.

4) What requirements were showed to the program of testing?

- The program should work with the test of any length

- The test represents a textual file

- The changes in the test should not change the requirement to change of the program

- In the program the return to the previous question should be enclosed.

- Following questions and answers should vary

- The file of the protocol should be created, in which the information on progress of the trainee should record

- When the file can not be created, the warning should be given

- If a file of the test is not present, the warning should be given

 5) With what purpose the program of registration was created?

The introduction it a component allows to make the account of the users and to trace progress of the students. This program should make the following operations:

- Lead of a surname and name of the user;

- Lead of educational group of the user;

- Record in a file of registration of the entered data;

- To check the information on the user, if not the information is entered, the registration should stop;

- To record in a file date and time of registration;

- To check creation of a file of registration and to inform the user, if the creation of a file is impossible;

6) What virtues have the electronic tutors?

- Built-in tests - systems giving instant monitoring of tutoring;

- Regular change of the textbook;

- To add or to correct something, it is possible to make changes to one file

7) What requirements can be showed to the multimedia tutor?

- The information should be well structured

- In the multimedia textbook it is necessary to use the multiwindow interfacing

- The videoplots or animations should be in sections, which difficultly understand.

8) Outgoing from what the price for the given software product corrected?

It is corrected outgoing from a conjuncture of the prices on similar software products. Also calculated price can be corrected from a degree industrial and risk of loss and monopolized of the market of production

9) What dangerous factors effect on the man, by operation on the computer:

- Reduced movability of air;

- Reduced lighting of a working zone;

- High level of noise on a workstation;

- High level of a static electricity;

- High level of electromagnetic radiations;

- High level of ultra-violet radiations;

- High level of x-ray radiation;

- High value of voltage in an electrical circuit.