Задания на контрольную работу по тексту "John Lennon", страница 3

10.  He_______________ Florida instead.


EXERCISE 9. Fill in the blanks with the negative form of the underlined verb.

EXAMPLE: John Lennon was born in England. He                Wd.Stl'f'      born

in the United States.

1.  He lived with his aunt. He----------------------- with his mother.

2.  His mother left with her boyfriend. She                              with her husband.

3.  John spent a lot of time on the streets. He                                     a lot of time


4.  He was a bad student. He_________________ a good student.

5.  His teacher said bad things about him. She                               good things.

6.  His mother gave him a guitar. She                              him a violin.

7.  His mother taught him to play. His aunt                              him.

8.  John became a musician. He__________________ a doctor.

9.  He played with three other musicians. He                              alone.

10.  The Beatles were popular all over the world. They------------------------ just popular in England.

11.  In 1970, John performed with his wife. He                              with the Beatles


12.  Mark Chapman went to New York. He                             to London.

13.  He waited outside Lennon’s apartment building. He                                in the


14.  He had a gun. He_________________ a knife.

15.  He killed Lennon. He_________________ Lennon’s wife.


1.  We use did + subject + the base form for past-tense questions (except with be).

Did we study the present tense? Yes, we did.

When did we study the present tense? A few weeks ago.


Affirmative:             They went to Canada.

Yes/no question: Did they go to Toronto? Yes, they did.

Wh- question: When did they go? Last April.

2.  Remember: We can ask a question about the subject. We don’t use did in these questions. We use the past form, not the base form.

Who opened the door? Frank did.

Which student erased the blackboard? Elena did.

How many students understood the lesson? All of them did.

What city had an earthquake in 1906? San Francisco did.

1.  John Lennon lived with a relative.

Did he live with his father? No, he didn’t.

Who did he live with?10 He lived with his aunt.

2.  Lennon performed with the Beatles.

Did he perform with his wife? Yes, he did.

When did he perform with his wife? After 1970.

3.  His mother brought him an instrument.

Did she bring him a violin? No, she didn’t.

What did she bring him? A guitar.

4.  Who taught him to play the guitar? His mother did.

5.  Who killed Lennon? Mark Chapman did.

5XERCISE 1. Answer the questions with short answers.

EXAMPLE: Did you live in this city last year?

Yes, I did. or No, I didn’t,

1.  Did you study English in your country?

2.  Did you live in this city last year?

3.  Did you take a vacation last summer?

4.  Did you go to the movies last weekend?

5.  Did you watch the news on TV last night?

6.  Did we practice the present tense last week?

7.  Did we have a test last week?

8.  Did you come to the last class?

9.  Did the teacher come to class on time today?

10.  Did you use your dictionary today?

EXERCISE 2. Read each statement. Then ask a yes/no question. Another student ill answer with a short answer.

EXAMPLE: I said hello to the teacher.

A: Did you say hello to the teacher?

B: Yes, I did. or No, I didn’t.

1.  I did my homework.

2.  I made some mistakes on my homework.

3.  I wrote the date on my paper.

4.  I handed in the homework today.

2. More than 5,000 buildings

[6]   Break up means separate. They didn’t play together anymore.

[7]   Mourn means to express sorrow or grief for someone who has died.

[3]    Cut off means stop, interrupt.                                                                                                       remeIlt

[4]   The Richter scale is a standard for measuring earthquakes. The smallest measu is 1.5 (the least amount to register); an earthquake of 8.5 is very devastating.

). Formally, “With whom did he live?”