Методическое пособие по дисциплине «Английский язык». Общие требования к аттестации, страница 3

The following sentences are all about visiting America. Complete them with have to, don't have to, or should.

When you go to America,

1  you__________book a hotel room before you go, because there are usually a lot of vacancies.

2  you__________get a work permit if you want to work there.

3  you__________visit San Francisco, because many people think it is the most beautiful city in America.

4  you__________change your money before you go, because there are a lot of 24-hour banks.

5  you__________hire a car, because it's the easiest way to travel, and petrol is cheap.


Exercise 9. Opposites

Match each adjective with its opposite from the box.

Example cheap - expensive

generous    well-behaved    pleased   tidy   quiet beautiful    interesting   modern    poor   miserable

1   ugly_________

6  wealthy______

2   annoyed________

7  happy_______

3   noisy________

8  naughty_______

4   mean_______

9 boring________

5   old._______

10 messy_______


Exercise 10. Reported statements

Put the following sentences into reported speech.


'They live in Oxford,' she said.

She said (that) they lived in Oxford.

1  'I love you very much,' she said.

She told him____________________________

2  'I visit her every Sunday,' he said.

He said that_____________________________

3  'I took her some flowers for her birthday,' he said.

He said that_____________________________

4  'I'm leaving you forever,' he said.

He told her_____________________________

5  'I've forgotten,' she said.

She said that_____________________________


Exercise 11. Passives

Put the words in the correct order.

1  world / is / English / the / all / spoken / over


2  since/has/nylon/1932/made/been


3  Mary's / invited 1I1 to / wasn't / party / why?


4  will / when / be / new / the / bridge / built?


5  asked / car / design / were / they / to / new / a



Exercise 12. Time and conditional clauses

Complete the sentences with will + the correct form of the verb in brackets, or the Present Simple.

1  If you__________ (eat) another cake, you __________ (be) sick.

2  You__________ (fail) your exam if you __________ (not study) hard.

3  What__________you__________ (do) if you __________(fail)?

4  Our children and grandchildren__________ (suffer) if we__________ (not look after) ourplanet.

5  I__________ (do) my homework as soon as this programme ____________

1.  (finish).

6  When she__________ (read) my letter, she__________ (understand) my problem.

7  Where__________he__________(stay) when he__________(go) to New York?

8  We__________ (stay) in the classroom until the teacher__________ (tell) us to leave.


Exercise 13. Verb patterns and infinitives

Complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verb in brackets: the infinitive or the –ing form.

1  I enjoy___________ (swim) in the sea very much.

2  John managed_____________ (tidy) his room before his mother came home.

3  There were no taxis so he decided____________ (walk) home.

4  I'd like_____________ (go) to India.

5  It's very difficult_____________ (learn) how to ski.

6  She suggested____________ (see) a doctor.

7  I hope ____________ (go) to America in July.




CV, Covering letter and Interview

Translate these expressions into Russian. You may use some of them when speaking on the topic CV, Covering letter and Interview.