Методическое пособие по дисциплине «Английский язык». Общие требования к аттестации, страница 2

3  In my country we_________ (not have) lessons on Saturday.

4  My wife_________(not like) football, but I _____(love) it.

5  I______ (buy) a new pair of shoes yesterday. _____you____ (like) them?

6  My grandfather____ (live) in Belgium when the Second World War_______ (start).

7  Yasmina_______ (live) in the United States. She_______ (meet) her husband while she _______ (work) for a publisher on Madison Avenue.


Exercise 2. Questions

Make questions about the missing information.


She earns____a year.     How much does she earn a year?

1  Peter has_____children. (Two? Three?)


2  I'm reading______at the moment.


3  They went to_____on holiday last year.


4  She works in the_____shop. (Shoe shop? Book shop?)


5  I got up early this morning because______.


6  The supermarket closes at______.


7  I go swimming_______. (Once a week? Once a month?)


8  I borrowed______car. (Tom's? Ann's?)



Exercise 3. Articles

Complete the sentences with a, an, the, or nothing.

1  China has___biggest population in___world.

2  ___Yangtze River flows into___East China Sea.

3  Do you like___Chinese food?

4  We had some for___lunch___few days ago.

5  I come to___school by bus, but I get ___lift home with___friend.


Exercise 4. Prepositions

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. If no preposition is necessary, write nothing.

1  I listened___the news___the radio.

2  I'll see you___9.00___the morning.

3  I'm looking___my neighbour's car while she's on holiday.

4  What are you doing___this evening?

5  She arrived___England two years ago.

6  I'm going___home.

7  I spoke___Mary a few days ago.

8  My sister's coming to stay___19 December


Exercise 5. Tenses

Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: the Present Simple, the Past Simple, or the Present Perfect.


I got (get) up at 7.00 this morning.

Carla Brown has a job in advertising. It's a good job, and she (1)_________(earn) over £30,000 a year. She (2)___________(study) marketing at college, and then (3)___________(find) a job with a small advertising agency in Manchester. Since then she (4)_____________(change) her job several times. Now she (5)____________(work) for Jerome and Jerome, which is a big company with offices all over the world. She(6)__________(be) with the company for three years. The company has clients in America, and she (7)__________(be) there several times on business. Last year she (8)____________(spend) six months there.


Exercise 6. There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Find it and correct it.

1  How many money have you got?

2  I only have a little potatoes.

3  I don't have many time, so I can't help you. Sorry.

4  In New York there are a lot shops.

5  Close your eyes. I've got anything for you.

6  John lives anywhere near Bournemouth.

7  Anybody told me you're getting married. Is it true?


Exercise 7. Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets: the Present Perfect or Past Simple.

1  Stephen King__________(write) a lot of books. He__________(write) his first in the XIX century under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman.

2  __________you ever__________(try) Chinese food?

3  I__________never__________(be) to Egypt.

4  When__________you__________(go) there?

5  I__________(live) in London for eight years, and I don't want to move.

6  He__________(live) in Oxford for two years, and then in 1994 he__________(move) to London.

7  We__________(meet) Tim and Maureen three years ago. How long__________you__________(know) them?


Exercise 8. have to and should