Английский язык: Учебно-методическое пособие для подготовки к выполнению контрольной работы и сдаче зачета, страница 5

а) Тепловая инверсия концентрирует в одном месте вещества, загрязняющие атмосферу.

б) Человеку не следует находиться на улице во время тепловой инверсии.

в) В Лондоне в 1952 воздух содержал большое количество опасных веществ.

г) Загрязнение воздуха может вызвать серьезные респираторные заболевания

д) Тепловая инверсия ухудшает симптомы заболеваний дыхательной системы

Lesson 6

Review 2

1. Прочитайте текст и откройте скобки, употребив правильную форму глагола в скобках

The Silent Destroyer (part2)

Besides Danny’s symptoms, there(1. to be) other early signs of lead poisoning. Young victims may (2. to feel) weak and suffer headaches and muscle pains. They may (3. to become) clumsy and drop and break objects. As time (4. to go) by, the young person may (5. to have) stomach pains and complain of a bad taste in the mouth. If the symptoms (6. to be) ignored, the young victim may (7. to become) blind and deaf. Many children (8. to die) each year of lead poisoning.

This kind of poisoning (9. to affect) very young children because they (10. to put) just about anything in their mouths. The coating of toys may (11. to contain) a material with lead in it. Many children (12. to chew) on objects and swallow pieces of them. If the child (13. to swallow) enough material containing lead, early symptoms of poisoning (14. to occur) in a few days. Lead poisoning (15. to be) a silent destroyer of many children because most people (16. not  to recognize) the symptoms.

Lead poisoning (17. to be) an environmental problem that can (18. to affect) young people. Lead from the environment can (19. to enter) the body. The exhaust fumes of many cars, trucks, and buses (20. to contain) lead. This pollutant (21. to mix) with the air. During the winter months, lead (22. to mix)  with water and snow in the atmosphere.

2.Заполните пропуски,  выбрав правильный предлог, если он требуется.

1. At/In/- 1974, scientists confirmed the danger of this gas, and, in/-/during a year, sales of aerosol can products dropped 25%.

2.Air pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere of/in/by waste products on/at/in levels that are unhealthy for/in/by humans and the environment.

3.Scientists are now studying the relationship between/during/- hydrocarbons and lung cancer.

4.When ozone is next to/near/by the ground, it is harmful pollutant.

5. Carbon dioxide enters -/into/to the atmosphere as a result of human and animal respiration and decay.

Lesson 7


To release  - освобождать

Internal nuclear changes  - внутренние ядерные изменения

Birth defect – врожденный дефект

Conversion of energy - переход энергии

Nuclear energy - ядерная энергия

Nuclear fission - расщепление, деление атомного ядра при цепной реакции

Dispose of the nuclear wastes – ликвидация отходов производства ядерной энергии

Disposal areas – места хранения

To be stored – хранить

Concrete vault – бетонный склеп

A problem related to – проблема, относящаяся к…

Прочитайте и переведите на русский язык

Nuclear Energy

(1)Radiation is energy and particles released from atoms as they undergo internal nuclear changes. (2)The word radiation frightens many people. (3) Yet, you are surrounded by small amount of radiation every day. (4)Radiation comes from color television sets, the earth, and the sun. (5)The effects of small amount of radiation are not completely known. (6)However, exposure to large amounts of radiation is known to cause birth defects and cancer in humans.

(7)Nuclear energy is the conversion of energy released as radiation to electrical energy. (8)In a time when energy sources are being used up, nuclear energy is a possible major source of energy production. (9)Nuclear fission, or the splitting of atoms, releases heat which is used to produce steam from water. (10)The steam turns an electric motor which in turn turns a generator. (11)The generator produces electricity. (12)This process takes place in nuclear power plants.