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really good that they all helped to make our life easy, comfortable and pleasant.But every medal has its reverse.. These are ecological problems.


Belarus is a country of a long and rich history. The most outstanding figure not only in the history of Belarusian literature but in all Slavonic culture is Francisk Skoryna is the translation of | the Bible into the Belarusian language and the publication of it in Prague (1517-1519) and in Vilnya.. The   pride  of   Belarus   are   the  literary   works  by Belarusian poets and prose-writers. Through ages folk story-tellers and singers have been composing songs and tales about the life of Belarusian people.   The   Belarusians   are  known   to   be   generally intelligent, tactful, imaginative and hardworking people. Belarusians are rather modest, they used not to demand much.

In January 1922 the Academy of Sciences of Belarus was established. The Belarussian Academy of Sciences has become a big centre of sciences.The Academy of Sciences was divided into five sections having a total of 39 Institutes, in particular Yanka Kupala Institute of Literature, Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics and the Institute of Art, Ethnography and Folklore. Many Belarusian scientists have always enjoyed a world­wide reputation. Belarusian scientists are not the least in such a field of science as nuclear energetics. But we are optimists and believe in the better nearest future.


England is not a large country. There are no high mountains in England, no long rivers, and no very large woods. More than 46 million live in England .The capital city of England is London. The South of England is the most important region of the country. It is the largest and most highly developed region with London. The  South   of   England   is   associated   with   two   main Universities: Oxford  and Cambridge. Oxford is one of the oldest University cities of Great Britain, but at the same time it is an industrial town as well. Cambridge is one of the loveliest towns of England. Cambridge University is a centre of education. The most interesting is the pre-history monument Stonehenge made of huge stones in the shape of a horse-shoe. One of the most attractive places there is Stratford-on-Avon, the place where the greatest dramatist and poet of the English literature William Shakespeare was born and died on his birthday at the age of 52

Britain is known as the land of law and order. The British are known to have a cult of privacy. Most British like gardening that is a very popular hobby and a favourite pastime. The best-known quality of the English is reserve The British are said to be very conservative, they love familiar things. Everybody knows that traffic in London and other large cities in Britain keeps to the left but not to the right. The British are known to be very polite. British people are also known to have sense of humor


.I think patience is important quality for electric engineer. This  quality help to work. Accuracy and responsibility are necessary properties of a good worker. But without knowledge of the craft it is impossible to be a good specialist. You cannot how to become an electrician in just a long lesson or study curriculum. A good electrician knows that nothing the field ever stays exactly the same.


Land and climate

The Republic of Belarus is situated in the  center of Europe. In the west it borders on Poland, in the north-west on Lithuania and  Latvia, in the north and in the east on Russia, in the south on the Ukraine The population of Belarus is about 11 mm. people. The territory of the republic is 207,600 km of 80.155 square miles. Most of the country consists of flat lowlands. Forests cover the northern part A ridge of higher ground runs from northeast to Southwest in central Belarus, [it includes the country's highest point, a hill called Dzerzhinskaya Gora that rises only 1,135 feet (346 meters))above sea level Southern Be­larus is made up of marshes, swamps and forests. This region includes a vast, forested swamp called the Pripyat Marshes.

Belarus chief rivers are the Bug, the Neman, the Western Dvina and the Dnieper. Belarus has over 10.000 lakes, mostly small ones.

The forests of Belarus teen with deer, foxes, hares, minks and squirrels

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