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monument to the Belorussian national poets Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas.


The United States of America lies in the central part of the North American continent. In the east the country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, in the west – by the Pacific Ocean, in the south – by the Gulf of Mexico. In the north it borders on Canada, in the south – on Mexico. Its territory is 9.4 million square kilometers; the population is about 250 million people.

In the USA high mountains can be contrasted to flat parries, tropical heat to arctic cold, fertile valleys to stony deserts. Many rivers flow through the territory of the USA. The longest rivers are the Mississippi and Missouri. There are many lakes in the country. The largest ones are lake superior, lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario.

The USA is highly developed industrial country. It is rich in mineral recourses such as coal, iron, copper, oil and others. The USA has a lot of industrial cities. The biggest cities are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detroit. The capital of the country is Washington. It is the residence of the President and the congress of USA.

The USA is a federative republic. The government is divided in to three main branches: the legislative, the executive and the judicial. Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The president is the head of the state; he is elected for four years. The two main political parties of the USA are the Democratic and the Republican.

Washington became the capital of the USA in 1800. It is a scientific and cultural center. There are 5 universities in the city. The National Museum, Galleries of Art are also well known in the country.

In the USA a college is a higher educational institutions offering mainly courses of instructions leading to the bachelors degree. A university is a college or group of colleges under one control offering courses of instructions leading not only to the bachelors degree, but also to the doctors degree. The oldest American Universities is Harvard, Yale, Pennsylvania and Columbia was founded in the seventeen and eighteen centuries.


Belarus is situated almost in the center of Europe. In the west it borders on Poland, in the northwest on Lithuania and Latvia, in the north and in the east on Russian Federation, in the south on the Ukraine. The territory of Belarus is 207600 square kilometers. The population is about 10 million people.

Belarus is a plain country. The highest point is Mountain Dzerzhinskaya, which is 346m above sea level. In the south of the republic there is vast marshy lowland of Polesye covering nearly one third of its territory. Forests are called puschas. The most beautiful are the Belovezhkaya and the Grodno puschas, which have rich flora and fauna. There are 10700 lakes and 20700 rivers in Belarus. The largest rivers are the Dniper, The Nieman, Zapadnaya Dvina, The Prypiat and the Berezina. The largest of the lakes is Naroch. The climate of Belarus is temporally continental. Belarus rich in rock salt, potassium, peat and mineral waters.

The territory of republic is divided into six regions: Brest, Vitebsk. Gomel, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev. The capital of Belarus is Minsk. Today Belarus is an industrial – agricultural country. It produced tractors, combaines, automobiles, TV sets, radio sets, cameras and other goods.

During the Second World War many towns and villages were destroyed in our republic. The war claimed every fourth citizen of the republic. But now Belarus is fully reconstructed.

As for the education: we have own Academy of Science and some research institutes. The first higher education school was opened in 1918 in Vitebsk. Bel State Univ. was formed in 1921. Belarus is a member of the United Nations.

On April of 1986 in the Ukraine exploded atomic power electro station. Many rivers are poisoned; air is polluted on account of nuclear substantives. A numerous plant and factories caused pollution of environment.


Белоруссия расположена почти в центре Европы. На западе это граничит с Польшей, на северо-западе на Литве и Латвии, на севере и на востоке на Российской Федерации, на юге на Украине. Территория Белоруссии - 207600 квадратных километров. Население - приблизительно 10 миллионов человек.

Белоруссия - простая страна. Самый высокий пункт{точка} - Гора Dzerzhinskaya, который является 346m выше морского уровня. На юге республики есть обширная болотистая низменность Полесья, закрывающего{охватывающего} почти одну треть его территории. Леса называют puschas. Наиболее красивый - Belovezhkaya и Гродно puschas, которые имеют богатую флору и фауну. Есть 10700 озер и 20700 рек в Белоруссии. Наибольшие реки - Dniper, Nieman, Западная Двина, Prypiat и Березина. Наибольший из озер - Naroch. Климат Белоруссии временно континентален. Белоруссия, богатая солью скалы, potassium, торфом и минеральными водами.

Территория республики разделена на шесть областей{регионов}: Брест, Витебск. Гомель, Гродно, Минск и Могилев. Капитал{столица} Белоруссии является Минским. Сегодня Белоруссия индустриальна - сельскохозяйственная страна. Это произвело тракторы, combaines, автомобили, телевизоры, радио-наборы, камеры и другие товары

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