Come-back of Dr Pepper on the Russian market, страница 6

•  Send an offer to drinks-producers in Russia(Coca-Cola, Ochakovo) to mix Dr.Pepper’s powder&ingredients using their facilities for a fixed pay per liter

•  Deliver a specific Dr.Pepper powder

•  Dr. Pepper’s PR&sales&promotion representatives in Russia

The action plan listed the main steps of penetration strategy on the market, we did not include here some important points, having in mind that it is needless to say such things as searching for the partners, promotion the product on the level of wholesale sellers etc.


In conclusion we would like to admit, that as we expected, the situation on the Russian market differs from the those in which Dr Pepper had to survive. The economical, ecological, technological conditions are like for the one purpose create a good platform for development on Russian Market.

Precise analysis of advantages and disadvantages of Dr Pepper showed that it has a great potential, because of recognizable special features of the product and positive brand image and some awareness it can identify and differentiate itself from competitors.

As a step in the global strategy of the company it can really seem to be very risky mostly because of the bad experience on the market, but there is no reason to wait before this market share will be occupied by some local producer or other enterprising foreign producers. The other question how many time and money recourses it is going to take? The more the decisions of top-management will be well-founded on reliable information the higher probability of effectiveness and success of penetration. In times of crisis there was no precise information, nobody could predict it and be totally ready for fighting for market share.

The challenge is really difficult, but we believe that with listed assets available it is possible to penetrate Russian market and to do it successfully.