Come-back of Dr Pepper on the Russian market, страница 5

The lack of information about the consumers can lead to wrong message of the marketing campaign; it eventually can be unsuccessful and distort the brand positioning.  

The SWOT-analysis of the company presents a challenge for the company: to enter the market with correctly targeted campaign to increase the effect of positive brand image, to differentiate itself from competitors, attract their and new consumers and to be able to satisfy the demand. We estimate this strategy as a difficult range of timely decisions, which wiil be described in the last part of the project: Action plan.

4P Marketing Mix

This part of a project presents a base of the strategy of penetration.


Product: fizzy soft drink

Flavor: cherry (unique)

Brand: Dr. Pepper (western image)

Producer: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, American soft drink company, based in Plano, Texas.

Packaging: 0.33 aluminum can (main unit product); 0.5 plastic bottle; 1.25; 2 liters

Product life cycle:

Product type itself - maturity

Product on a Russian market – introduction


Price: “follower’s“ strategy (Coca-Cola & Pepsi)

Price segment: upper

Price sensitivity: high


Channels of distribution:

•  Retail chains: one-step shops, hyper- supermarkets, filling stations;

•  HoReCa: fast food, café, restaurants, night-clubs, bars;

•  Looking for partnerships with chains.

Production of drink on local facilities


Target audiences of advertizing campaigns:

Level of income: middle, upper-middle

ü  Youngsters from 14 till 25;

ü  Adults from 25 till 35.

Marketing communication channels:

•  TV-advertizing;

•  Street advertizing (billboards, metro);

•  Sales promotion;

•  Internet (banners, social networking website, interactive website);

•  Magazines.

Format: humorous entertaining comics, positive differentiating message causing the feelings like you have met your old friend and you recognize him because of his best qualities.

Action plan


Dr.Pepper, produced in Great Britain or Netherlands,  is available only in several shops in Russia and it is expensive to deliver a drink from there.

Has some brand-awareness on the Russian market and rather positive image.

Action plan:

1.  Collecting information about consumer preferences  and improving brand-identity, taking into consideration the special features of Russian market, the special features of consumption.

 For example widely spread cocktail “whiskey-cola”, where coke can be easily replaced by Dr Pepper and its unique flavor.

2.  Creating marketing campaign, accurate choosing the appropriate sequence of using marketing communications, testing advertizing, symbols, associations, adapting the site for Russian users.

3.  Approximately at the same time with the second point we launch imported Dr. Pepper in St. Petersburg. Pilot period – one month. By the time the advertizing will meet its destination and consumers will be aware of appearance of the product it must be already on the shelves of the shops.

4.  Estimate the results: sales as the indicator of effectiveness of the marketing campaign, probably recollecting information from customers to check the perception of brand-identity.

5.  Launch the production Dr Pepper in Russia: