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Not far from Manchester, there is a small plant owned by Mr. Lewis. This plant is the main asset of the

"LEWIS & SON COMPANY", a well-known manufacturer of valves used in different drive systems. Since these valves are indispensable for a great variety of machines and devices one can find them in different industries. It explains why the market of these valves represents in fact an area of great competition. As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Lewis knows how to run a business to  withstand this competition. He understands basic economics and knows that a product of high quality available at lower prices is all he needs to stimulate demand for his company's product. And he has done a lot to achieve it. To begin with, "LEWIS & SON COMPANY" employs excellent top managers. Its engineers and workers ara the specialists of the highest professional standards. And the company provides them with a good sallary and growth possibilities which are a common practice a reputable company. On top of that, the company production facilities have modern equipment. But Mr. Lewis wishes the valves of his company were even more attractive for the customers. To win customers loyalty and run a business, Mr. Lewis is going to put into industrial production a product- a valve with  increased guarantee period. The best way of achieving it is to install a reliable quality control system to check up every item of the production line. That's why he was a bit exited when came across a site belonging to a Russian company. The site looked like as follows:


Parma Controls consulting and production company, deals with industrial valves and their accessories.

Parma Controls concentrates on systems providing valve control and produces related diagnostic tools.

Total package of services.

Parma Controls Services provides industries with a total package of services: valve performance analysis,

installation of different valve control systems and technical support in their using.  Potential

customers rnay visit our plant to get expertise about our valve control system. They can also get access to all documents proving that the system has become commercially feasible. The purpose of these services is to ensure the best performance of valves and extend their lifetime. Customers can purchase the services one by one depending on what is needed most of all.

Valve performance analysis

The purpose for valve performance analysis, service is to ensure better of the valves performance which last much longer than an average guarantee allows to. This way the focus, in the valve production may be directed towards prevention instead of correction. The capability of the checked by visual and instrumental inspections, testing and calibration. With Parma Control valve performance analysis equipment the needed tests can be carried out within a few minutes.

Parma Control Service info

PO 195299 St.-Pctersburg,

Russian Federation

Tel. +7 812 358-0204

Fax. +7 812 358-0205


Ecercise 1 Answer the questions and retell the text using your answer.

1.1       What is there not far from Manchester?

1.2       Is this plant the ???? asset of «Lewis &son Company»?

1.3       What is «Lewis & son»?

1.4       Why can one find the valves in different industries? What does it explain?

1.5       Does Mr. Lewis know how to run a businessto withstand the competition?

1.6       What does he know because he under stands the basic economics?

1.7       What kind of specialists does Mr. Lewis employ? What does the company provide them with? Is it a common practice of a reputable company? What does the company have on top of that?

1.8       What does Mr. Lewis wish? What is he going to do to win the customers’ loyalty and run a good business? What is the best way of achieving it?

Ecercise 2 Ask questions on the web-site answer them and retell the site using your answers.

Exercise 3 Answer questions:

1.         Are there many entrepreneurs in Russian?

2.         Do you know any of them?

3.         Are they successful?

4.         What must they know to run a good business?

5.         What would you prefer: to run your own business or to be employed at an other people’s company? Why?