Употребить словосочетания с притяжательным падежом или с предлогом of. Употребить качественные прилагательные в двух других степенях сравнения. Превратить предложения с Infinitive Active в предложения с Infinitive Passive, страница 5

1.13. Infinitive как  часть сказуемого(предикатив)(Un.10:1.9).

Упражнение 13. Ответьте на вопросы употребляя глаголы в форме предикатива.

Образец: What is a rule of the basic economics? – A successful entrepreneur stimulates demand for  his company’s product./ The rule of the basic economics is to stimulates demand for the company’s product.

1. What is a practice of a reputable company? – The company provides its specialists with a good salary and growth possibilities. 2. What is mr Lewis wish? – He puts into industrial production a good product – a valve with increased guarantee period. 3.What is the best way of achieving it? – He installs a reliable quality control system. 4. What is the purpose of Parma Controls Services? – They ensure the best performance of valves. 5. What is the focus in the valve production? – They achieve prevention instead of correction.

1.14. Дополнительные придаточные предложения(Un.3:1.10)

Упражнение 14. Вставьте вместо точек союз that, который можно опустить или относительные местоимения what, where, when, how, why.

1. It explains … the market of these valves represents in fact an area of great competition. 2. As a successful entrepreneur, mr Lewis knows … tu run a business to with stand the competition.    3. He understand basic Economics and knows … a product of high quality available at lower prices is all … he needs to stimulate demand for his company’s product. 4. Mr Lewis wishes … the valves of his company were even more attractive for the customers. 5. They can get access to all documents proving … the system has become commercially feasible. 6. Customers can purchase the services one by one depending on … is needed most of all. 7. I guess … I caught cold the day before yesterday. 8. Don’t bother, my dear. He knows … he does. 9. You see … useful a computer is. 10. Do you know … you’ll live in that nice house in a suburb of London? 11. Let him do … he wants.

1.15. Определительные придаточные предложения(Un.6:1.11)

Упражнение 15. Из двух предложений сделайте одно, с придаточным определительным.

1. A customer is a person. He/she buys something from a shop. 2. A man answered the phone. He told me you were away. 3. I don’t like people. They disturb me. 4. Ann bought the dress. The dress doesn’t fit her very well. 5. Is their anything? I can do. 6. Do you know the woman? Tom is talking to the woman. 7. The bed wasn’t very comfortable. I slept in bed. 8. Are these the newspapers? You were looking for these newspapers. 9. Every thing was true. They said. 10. I gave him all the money. I had money. 11. Did you hear? They said. 12. The people were very nice. We met the people at the party. 13. Some of the people couldn’t come. I invited some people to the party. 14. I like the people. I work with this people. 15. He didn’t get the job. He applied for this job. 16. Who was that man? I saw you with a man. 17. They give their children everything. The children want everything. 18. I’ll do the best. I can.

2. Лексико-грамматический комментарий.

2.1. as follows следующим образом

2.2. the purpose for  valve performance analysis service is to ensure a better performance of the valves which last much longer than an average guarantee allows to (last) – Un.4:2.12

2.3. Предлоги.

Упражнение 16. Вставьте вместо точек предлоги: about, after, at, by, for, into, of, out, to, towards, up, with, within.

1. these valves are indispensable … a great variety of machines. 2. He understands basic Economics and knows that a product … high quality available … lower prices is all he needs to stimulate demand … his company’s product. 3. The company provides them … a good salary and growth possibilities. 4. Mr Lewis is going to put … industrial production a new product.

5. His son came across a site belonging … a Russian company. 6. Parma Controls concentrates … systems providing valve control. 7. Potential customers may visit our plant to get expertise … our valve control system. 8. This way the focus … valve production may be directed … prevention instead … correction. 9. … Parma Controls valve performance analysis equipment the needed tests can be carried … … a few minutes. 10. The dioxin made … a paper mill … a small town … Sweden can end … … the ice-cream eaten … residents … Helsinki. 11. Doctors say that the heart gets stronger … you jog regularly … a month or so.