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Agreeing procedure. Exchanging information

Harry Lewis and John Crow, the purchasing Manager at “Lewis & Son” have come on a visit to St.-Petersburg and now they are in a meeting in the office of Victor Popov, Head of Overseas Sales Division of “Parma Control Service” company.

Popov: I think we should start. First of all I’d like to say that we hope this will be the beginning of a good business relationship for both our companies.

Lewis: Yes, indeed. So do me.

Popov: Good. Can we now agree on the overall procedure for the next three days? I’d like to check what you hope to achieve. Obviously, our main objectives is to find more about “Lewis & Son’s” needs and then talk about the ways in which we would be able to service those needs. Does that fit in with your objectives?

Lewis: Yes, that’s very much how we see it too. What we’d like to get from this meeting is a full picture of your control system for valves. We’d also like to talk about possible pricing, delivery and support arrangement. Does that sound OK?

Popov: Yes, that’s fine with us.It fully corresponds with the customer-focused policy that our company adheres to.That means that you’ll be given an opportunity to discuss your needs with our specialists.You’ll meet,if you want,with our operators and maintenance personnel at the management level as well as with others in position of responsibility.As far as the pricing is concerned,we here follow the international practice.Our policy is always in a compliance with the price index in USA and UK.Unfortunately,the average annual rise in prices of industrial equipment makes 8 - 10 % at the moment.Our usual practice is to send our customers the calculation of prices of the equipment prior to delivering it.Even though our products,with the control system for valves included,meet modern requirements and have a high level of automation,we guarantee our customers a full range of support in process of using.This support includes services provided by our company.so as to keep our products in good working order after they have been sold.Such support arrangement may also include making regular checks, carrying out repairs and keeping stocks of spare parts.On top of that,our company conducts regular workshops involving interaction with the experts in the field and handing-on experience with our exclusive equipment.We usually deliver such kind of support as a special agreement for which the customer makes an annual payment.

Lewis: Well,I see.Another objective, as we see it, is a visit to your production and test facilities, if possible.

Popov: Certainly. We were thinking of talking you to visit our factory. As you can see on the program in front of you, I will first be making a short presentation of our product range, concentrating on the new control system for valves. By the way, these systems are proving very popular for both medium and large-sized manufacturers. Our US and Canadian customers are particularly pleased with the flexibility they offer. Then there is a space for you to present to us your needs at “Lewis & Son” and how we at”Parma Control Service” may be able to help you. We will then be breaking for lunch. After lunch we plan to go to our facility in which you will see the new valve control system, as well as some of our other products, in operation. Would you go along with that?

Lewis: Certainly.

Popov: Good. We seem to have a broad agreement on objectives. Well now we’ve agreed on the overall procedure for today’s meeting, I guess we should move on to the first item on the agenda. But before we do that, I think it would be useful if Mr Lewis gave us some very brief background to his company.

Lewis: Well, “Lewis & Son” company was founded in 1956. Currently, we are the fifth large UK valve producer with an annual turnover of over $ 10 million.For the last

            six years”Lewis&Son”has been becoming a comprehensive producer of a great variety of valves many of which are indispensable for industry.Trying to stay abreast of the new challenges we were among the first who had incorporated nanotechnology into the regular production,But in order to take advantage of the inherent capabilities of this technological advancement we now focus our attention on production control issues.A reliable control system means for us not only a higher than usual guarantee period for our valves,but it facilitates the calculation of operational costs,profitability,quality and on time delivery.We place special emphasis on it because we have started recently an export devision,and exports now achieve 20 per cent of our turnover.This represents an increase in our export business.In order to achieve this growth,we are planning a number of key acquisitions in Europe,Any questions?

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