Неопределенные местоимения some, any, no. Модальные обороты to have to, to have got to. Согласование времен (Sequence of Tenses), страница 7

Упражнение 25. Попросите: прийти к вам домой завтра; дать вам тот журнал; посмотреть за детьми; взглянуть на их сайд; принять лекарство; бросить эту вредную привычку. Обещайте выполнить просьбу.


A neighbour’s visit

Dora: Who’s that? Oh, our neighbour and friend, Jane. Jane, come in. It’s open.

Jane: Oh, I see. I’m just for a moment.

Dora: Come; let’s have a cup of tea or coffee.

Jane: Have you had breakfast?

Dora: Sure. And after breakfast I did a lot of things: washed up, made the beds, and cleaned the house and …

Jane: Took the children to school – was it also your duty?

Dora: No, It’s Harry’s duty, not mine. What about some coffee?

Jane: I’d better like some juice.

Dora: You are welcome. And I’ll have a cup of coffee without sugar and cream. Oh, my coffee is ready. And here is your juice, orange – is that right?

Jane: Yes. I like orange most of all.

Dora: Help yourself to some nuts.

Jane: No, thank you, I’m afraid I’m thirsty again.

Dora: We’ve got enough drinks.

Jane: Why didn’t you play tennis with us last Saturday? My husband missed Harry very much. And I had to play with Mary, she can’t play at all. If you don’t go with us next Wednesday, we’ll drop it too.

Dora: Harry is very busy now.

Jane: Does he work even on Saturday?

Dora: Yes, on Saturday too. He wants to begin a new project. That’s why he hasn’t got much time.

Jane: That’s fine. I’m sure he’ll be a success.

Dora: Let’s hope that. I couldn’t come too because my mother was ill, and I had to stay with her for two days. She had hoped to come and see us herself, but she was too weak.

Jane: How does she look now?

Dora: She is thin and a bit pale, but everything will be all right with her. And how is your father-in-law?

Jane: He has heart trouble, you know. The doctor said he would have to drop smoking, to walk much and to go to the seaside to breathe some sea air.

Dora: Why doesn’t he do it?

Jane: He is just stubborn. He says, he has smoked for 40 years, and now he isn’t able to abandon this awful habit. He walks only in his garden and doesn’t want to hear anything about some longer routs. He says he’d like to have some sea air, but only if the sea air itself comes to his place.

Dora: So let him do what he wants.

Jane: You know how Jim loves his father; it’s always bothering that he is alone in his big house.

Dora: Isn’t anybody there, who looks after him?

Jane: Sure, a woman comes in the morning, does everything he needs and goes home, so was his order.

Dora: He is a strong, tactful man? He doesn’t want to disturb anybody with his troubles.

Jane: But so he makes much more trouble.

Dora: But old people want to live their own life till their end, I’m afraid.

Jane: How are the children?

Dora: Oh, Emily took part in a concert at school last week. She played “The March” from Tchaikovsky’s “The seasons”. I liked it very much, and everybody enjoyed it, I hear.

Jane: Oh, our little Emily! May be she’ll become a musician.

Dora: I’d love her to.

Jane: And what about Michael?

Dora: At long last Michael has persuaded his father to buy a new computer for him.

Jane: That’s right! Oh, the door bell! Somebody is coming. I’ve got to go. Thank you for your juice. Try to come to the next tennis-game.

Dora: I will. Bye-bye.


Упражнение 1. Ответьте на вопросы и представьте затем диалог в форме рассказа, используя ваши ответы.

1.Who is coming?

2. Is Jane coming just for a moment?

3. Has Dora had breakfast yet?

4. What did she do after breakfast?

5. Who took the children to school?

6. What are Dora and Jane having?

      7. What are they talking about?

      7.1. Why didn’t Dora and her husband play tennis last Saturday?

      7.2. Why did Jane and her husband miss Dora and Harry?

      7.3. Was Dora’s mother ill? How does she look how?

7.4. How is Jane’s father-in-law? What did the doctor say? Will he drop smoking? Is it bothering that he is alone in his big house? Who looks after him? Do old people want to live their own life till their end?

7.5. How is Emily?

7.6. How is Michael?

Упражнение 2. Выучите текст по ролям (возможно, сокращая его).

Упражнение 3. Вы зашли ненадолго к вашему другу (подруге). Поговорите с ним (с нею). Угостите его (ее) чем-нибудь.

Упражнение 4. Расскажите, какими домашними делами вы занимаетесь. Поговорите об этом со своей подругой (другом).

Упражнение 5. Расскажите о своем дедушке (своей бабушке). Поговорите о нем (о ней) с другом (подругой).