Возвратные местоимения. Склонение возвратных местоимений, соответствующих личным местоимениям. Модальный глагол may в значении разрешения, страница 6

Emily: Oh, is it yours? I like it even packed. It looks so lovely. I must be careful unpacking it. I’ll try to retain the paper. Oh, it’s jeans! My size, and blue – just what I wanted. Granny, you are the best!

Mother: And now this one. It’s from your daddy. He’d bought it for you before he went to Russia.

Emily: Such a tiny box! I wonder what there is in it. Oh, it’s a camera! No, I can’t believe it. I can take it with me for my school trip to France.

Mother: There is a film in it. You can take pictures of your birthday just now.

Emily: Sure. But what is this? A parcel from Uncle Tom, square and flat. Oh, the last Harry Porter book. I guess nobody in our class has got the book yet. I’m ashamed. I haven’t written Uncle Tom for ages and he always remembers me. I must send a detailed letter to him tomorrow.

Grandmother: And now I’d like to know what my sister and your grandaunt gave you.

Emily: Wow, a cake with fourteen candles, one for each year. I’ll blow out the candles tonight when my friends come and all of you will get a piece of cake. The cake is a masterpiece; I’m sure, Aunt Nora bakes excellently.

Mother: Here is a box of chocolates and a bunch of roses from our neighbours, Jane and John. There is a note with their best wishes. And there are all the birthday cards that the postman has brought this morning.

Kitty: How kind of them to write cards. People prefer it to send e-mails or to phone up each other nowadays.

Mother: Now let’s make a small circle and sing “Happy Birthday”.

Kitty: And I’ll take a picture of you all.

Emily: That will be good, Daddy will be able to see, how happy I am. Thank you for all your presents and for the wonderful beginning of my birthday.

Michael: It’s time to give a tasty accent to this beginning. I’m hungry and I’d like to be alive to see your birthday party tonight.


Упражнение 1. Ответьте на вопросы и представьте затем разговор в форме рассказа, используя ваши ответы.

1. Whose birthday is it?

2. Who is waiting for Emily downstairs?

3. What do they all say?

4. Whose parcel does Emily open at first (сначала)? What is there in the parcel? Why did Mother                                             give her this present?

5. What is there in the parcel with the red ribbon from Kitty? Why did Kitty know that Emily would like it? Why was she looking for this present two weeks long? When are the girls going to put it in the doll’s sitting-room?

6. What is there in Michael’s parcel? What was one of the reasons for Michael to make such a present?

7. Why must Emily be careful unpacking her grandmother’s parcel? Is there just what she wanted in the parcel?

8. What is there in the tiny box from Father?  Can Emily take it with her to France? Can she take pictures of her birthday just now?

9. Why is Uncle Tom’s parcel square and flat? Why is Emily ashamed? What is she going to do tomorrow?

10. What is there in Aunt Nora’s parcel? What is Emily going to do tonight?

11. Who has given Emily a box of chocolates and a bunch of roses this morning?

12. What has the postman brought this morning? Is it so kind of people to write cards? What do people prefer nowadays?

13. Who makes a small circle and sing “Happy Birthday”for Emily? Who takes a picture of them all? Why will that be good for Father?

14. How does Emily thank them all?

15. Why does Michael want to have a tasty accent to the beginning of Emily’s birthday? 

   Упражнение 2. Выучите текст по ролям, возможно, сокращая его.  

   Упражнение 3. Расскажите о своем дне рождения. Как вы его отмечаете?

   Упражнение 4. Любите ли вы делать подарки?

   Упражнение 5. Вы и ваш друг приглашены на день рождения. Посоветуйтесь, что вы можете подарить.