Возвратные местоимения. Неопределенное местоимение some. Модальные обороты to have to, to have got to (Грамматические упражнения), страница 6

Alec:        Certainly, if I can. What's the problem?                                                    

Michael:    Well,I heard you had already passed your driving test and got the driving license.

Alee:        Yes, that's true.

Michael:    Can you tell me how difficult it was for you to get through the whole procedure?

Alec:         I don't think it was too difficult, though it takes some time, you know.

Michael:   Could you be more specific, please?

Alec:   Yes, of course!

            To begin with, I want to remind you that four months ago I turned 17. So I went to the

local Taxation Office to pick up and fill out the form necessary to apply for a provincial driving license. Within six weeks of reaching this age I could take the test. I have passed the test and now I'm able to drive on the open roads at last. If you asked me to tell what this test looked like I would say it was a real exam and the traffic rules were the most difficult part of it.

Michael: What kind of questions did you have to answer?

Alec:       Oh, .there were a lot of them. But the trickiest ones were the questions about the

                pavement markings, signs and signals. Believe me, it’s not an easy thing to learn

                all this by heart and then be smart enough to identify each of them at once. Imagine  

                all these broken white lines, solid white lines, crosswalk lines, broken yellow lines and

                so on and so forth not to speak of signs and signals.

Michael: What can you recommend me to do if I want to prepare myself for this test?

Alec:    The best way, I think, is to study the special booklet called “What every driver must         know” that  reflects the recent changes made in the UK Vehicle Code. It also presents information about driver licensing, driver insurance, vehicle registration and other driving-related subjects. But tell me, why do you want to apply for the driving license? I remember you complained to me of your dad, who had refused to buy you a car.

Michael: That’s true. He did refuse to buy me a car when I told him that I had a job at a disco Friday and Saturday nights. My dad said that my school and future applying for the college were of primary importance for me at the moment. I answered that I was sick of going to school, that I enjoyed playing the guitar and wanted to try my luck with music and to be on my own.

Alec:    It's too bad. I don't think it is the right way to talk to your dad.

Michael:  You are right. My dad said that I could never make money as a musician. He offered to earn the money needed for a car that he had previously promised me as a birthday present.

Alec:     And what happened then?

Michael: Well, I had talks with my mother and,. even with my sister Emily. In the end I
changed my mind and spoke to dad promising him that I should apply for a
technical college after school. Dad was pleased very much. Now he is on a business
trip in Russia and I hope if his trip is a success he will change his mind about the car.

Alec:      I see. The situation is quite clear for me. By the way how are things going with you and Susan?

Michael: Don't ask. We don’t see each other much.
Alec:      That's too bad.

Michael: Yes. She's going out with someone else now. I have bad luck with girls.

Alec:      Well, I guess .we're in the same boat. I'm trying to meet somebody  too.

Michael: That’s difficult to meet people. Hey, Alec. Look at those two girls.

Alec:       What girls?

Michael:  They are sitting at the next table.

Alec:       Michael, you are staring at them.

Michael: That’s okay. They’re staring at us.

Alec:       Hey, the girl with the dark hair is waving at as.

Michael: I think she's inviting us to their table. ( He gets up and walks towards the other table)

Alec:      Wait a minute. What are you doing? Where are you going?

Michael: Come on. What are you waiting for? Let's go.


Привет, Алек.

Алек: Привет, Майкл, как дела?