Английская фонетика. Основные правила грамматики. Бытовая и общеупотребительная лексика

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«Английская фонетика.

Основные правила грамматики.

Бытовая и общеупотребительная лексика»

Упражнение № 1. Страница № 9.

Put in a/an or the

1)  This morning I bought a newspaper and a magazine. The newspaper is in my bag but I don't know where I put the magazine.

2) I saw an accident this morning. A car crashed into a tree. The driver of the car wasn't hurt but the car was badly damaged.

3) There are two cars parked outside: a blue one and a grey one. The blue one belongs to my neighbors; I don't know who the owner of the grey one is.

4)  My friends live in an old house in a small village. There is a beautiful garden behind the house. I would like to have a garden like that.

Упражнение № 2. Страница № 9.

Put in a/an or the.

1.  A) this house is very nice. Has it got a garden?  

     B) It's a beautiful day. Let`s sit in the garden.

     C) I like living in this house but it's a pity that the garden is so small.

2.  A) Can you recommend a good restaurant?

     B) We had dinner in a very nice restaurant.

     C) We had dinner in the most expensive restaurant in town.

3.  A) She has a French name but in fact she's English, not French. 

     B) What's the name of that man we met yesterday?

     C) We stayed at a very nice hotel I can`t remember the name now.

4.  A) There isn't an airport near where I live. The nearest airport is 70 miles away. 

     B) Our plane was delayed. We had to wait at the airport for three hours.

     C) Excuse me, please. Can you tell me how to get to the airport?

5.  A) Are you going away next week? No, the week after next.  

     B) I'm going away for a week in September.

     C) George has a part-time job. He works three mornings a week.

Упражнение №10.. Страница № 15.

Вместо точек вставьте нужную форму глагола tobe. Переведите


1. I am English student. 2. His name is George Brown. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are his father and mother. 4. My brother’s name is Benny, and my sisters’ names are Betty and Rose. 5. We are members of one family. 6. Is Helen married? 7. Are they married? 8. Mr. Sandford is Betty’s brother-in-law. 9. How old are you? – I am eighteen. 10. What are you all? – We are all students. 11. Are you girl-friends students? 12. Are Betty’s school-mates kind and jolly? 13. His companions are well-bred. 14. Is Benny eager to have a dog? 15. She is a naught child. 16. I am eager to have a girl-friend. 17. I am two years younger than my cousin. 18. He is as young as his boy-friend. 19. My niece is eighteen months old.

Упражнение №11. Страница № 16.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Is the box on the desk? Yes it is.

2. Are the pencils in the box? Yes they are.

3. Is the bag on the desk or under it? The bag is under the desk.

4. Is the fountain- pen on the bag? The fountain- pen is in the bag.

5. Is the notebook in my hand or under it? The notebook is in my hand.

6. Are the notebooks on the desk or under it? The notebooks areon the desk.

7. Are the letters on the book or under it? The letters are under the book.

8. Where is the picture? The picture is on the wall.

9. Where is the chair? The chair is near the table.

10. Where are the pens? The pens are in the box.

Упражнение №12. Страница № 16.

Задайте вопрос и ответьте на него.

1. Is a telegram on the table? – Yes, it is. 2. Is there a cinema near our house? – Yes, there is. 3. Are there many mistakes in his dictation? – Yes, there are. 4. Is there much paper in his bag? – Yes, there is. 5. How many sofas in the room? – There are two sofas in the room. 6. Are there a lot of children in the park today? – Yes, there are.

Упражнение №2. Страница № 24.

Образуйте множественное число от приведённых ниже существительных.

Book-books; friend-friends; pencil-pencils; boy-boys; girl-girls; man-peoples; woman-women; sheep-sheep; house-houses; box-boxes; chair-chairs; student-students; number-numbers; question-questions; family-families; composition-compositions; apple-apples; sister-sisters; flat-flats; university-universities; street-streets; text-texts; phone-phones; plate-plates; mirror-mirrors; error-errors; exercise-exercises; dialogue-dialogues; mother-mothers; center-centers; flower-flowers; brother-brother.

Упражнение №5. Страница № 35.

Write negative sentences with have.

Some are present (can’t) and some are past (couldn’t)

1. I can’t make a phone call. (Any change) I haven’t got any change.

2. I couldn’t read the notice. My glasses) I didn’t have my glasses.

3. I can’t climb up onto the roof. (A ladder) I haven’t got a ladder.

4. We couldn’t visit the museum. Eenough time) We didn’t have enough time.

5. He couldn’t find his way to our house. (A map) He didn’t have a map.

6. She can’t pay her bills. Any money) She hasn’t got any money.

7. They can’t get into the house. (A key) They haven’t got a key.

8. I couldn’t take any photographs. (A camera) I didn’t have a camera.

Упражнение №6. Страница № 35.

Complete these questions with have. Some are present and some are past.

1. Excuse me, have you got a pen I could borrow?

2. Why are you holding your face like that? Have you got a toothache?

3. Did you have a bicycle when you were a child?

4. Have you got the time, please?' 'Yes, it's ten past seven.'

5. When you did the exam, did you have time to answer all the questions?

6. I need a stamp for this letter, have you got one?

7. 'It started to rain while I was walking home. "Did it? Did you have an umbrella?'

Упражнение №8. Страница № 36.

Complete these sentences. Use an expression from the list and put the verb into the correct form where necessary.

1. I don`t eat mush during the day. I never have lunch.

2. David likes to keep fit, so he has a swim every day.

3. We have a party last Saturday. It was great- we invited lots of people.

4. Excuse me, can I have a look at your newspaper, please?

5. `Where`s Jim? `He has a rest in his room. He is very tired.

6. I met Ann in the supermarket yesterday. We stopped and have a chat.

7. I haven`t seen  you since you came back from holiday. Have you a nice time?

8. Suzanne has got a baby a few weeks ago.

9. I don`t usually smoke but I was feeling very nervous, y, so I have a cigarette.

10. The phone rang but I couldn`t answer it because I have a shower.

11. Hello, Tom. Have you a good flight?

Упражнение № 10. Страница № 40.

Вставьте предлоги, где необходимо:

1. When we go to foreign countries we see and learn a lot of things.

2. She says she likes to go to the Caucasus in winter.

3. Japan is a country in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. It consists of many islands, large and small. Some of them are only a few miles long.

4. The Crimea is in South of our country.

5. My sister lives in the Far East.

6. The Baltic Sea is in the West.

7. Show us the longest river in Russia on the map.

8. Slovakia is in the center of Europe.

9. St. Petersburg is in the north-west from Moscow.

10. Thousands of students of all nationalities study at the institutes of our country.

11. One of the students in our group is from Rumania.

12. What's the capital of Rumania?

13. What language do they speak in Bulgaria?

Упражнение № 11. Страница № 40 .

Задайте вопросы к предложениям


1. There are eight fruit trees in our garden. Are there eight fruit trees in our garden?

2. Mr. Sandford is the head of the family. Who is the head of the family?

3. I can answer this question. Can I answer this question?

4. My brother can speak French. Can he speak French?

5. You may ring me up tonight. When may I ring you up?

6. We may go home now. May we go home now?

7. They must prepare this poem for phonetic reading.  Who must prepare this poem for phonetic reading?

8. I must work much at my pronunciation.

9. On the right you can see a standard-lamp. What can you see on the right?

Упражнение № 12. Страница № 40 .

Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную формы.

1. Are there ahy fruit trees in front of mu house? There are not some fruit trees in front of my house.

2. Is there a study in our flat? There isn`t a study in our flat

3. Is it a difficult text? It isn`t a difficult text.

4. Have I a room of my own? I haven`t a room of my own.

5. Can we go out for a walk now? We can`t go out for walk

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